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Gastacteurs en actrices: B
  Brian Badcoe
Game: Cooty Gibson
  Anthony Bailey
House of Cards: Frederick
Angels of Death: Simon Carter
  Anthony Baird
Death of a Great Dane: Tweede assistent
Brief for Murder: Wilson
  Trevor Bannister
Something Nasty in the Nursery: Gordon
  Peter Barkworth
Kill the King: Crichton-Bull
The Medicine Men: Geoffrey Willis
The Correct Way to Kill: Percy
The Morning After: Merlin
  Tim Barrett
A Funny Thing Happened...: Salt
  Kevin Barry
Death of a Great Dane: Kennelhouder
  David Bauer
The Little Wonders: Bishop
The Girl from Auntie: Ivanov
  Peter Bayliss
The Murder Market: Dinsford
Get-A-Way!: Professor Dodge
  Michael Beint
Propellant 23: Co-piloot
  Kenneth Benda
A Sense of History: James Broom
From Venus With Love: Mansford
  John Bennett
Mission to Montreal: Marson
Honey for the Prince: Napoleon
False Witness: Sykes
  Steven Berkoff
The Gravediggers: Sager
  Michael Bilton
Legacy of Death: Dr. Winter
  Penny Bird
Dead Man's Treasure: Miss Peabody
  Isobel Black
Silent Dust: Clare Prendergast
  Joe Black
Cat Amongst the Pigeons: Hudson
  Isla Blair
A Funny Thing Happened...: Bruid
  Caroline Blakinston
Dance with Death: Elaine Bateman
The Gravediggers: Miss Thirwell
The Positive Negative Man: Cynthia Wentworth
  Brian Blessed
The Superlative Seven: Mark Dayton
The Morning After: Sgt. Hearn
  Peter Blythe
A Sense of History: Millerson
The Positive Negative Man: Mankin
  Roger Booth
The Hour That Never Was: Porky Purser
Escape in Time: Tubby Vincent
  Norman Bowler
Dead Man's Treasure: Mike
  Irene Bradshaw
One for the Mortuary: Meid
The Golden Eggs: Diana
Murdersville: Maggie
  Tim Brinton
Mr Teddy Bear: Interviewer
  Peter Bromilow
Noon Doomsday: Kafka
  Sydney Bromley
The Eagle's Nest: Hara
  A.J. Brown
Small Game for Big Hunters: Dr. Gibson
The Winged Avenger: Dawson
  Robert Brown
The Town Of No Return: Saul
  Maurice Browning
The Girl from Auntie: Rus
  William Buck
Mission to Montreal: Fotograaf
  Edward Burnham
The Fear Merchants: Meadows
Thingumajig: Brett
  Larry Burns
False Witness: Gould
  Mark Burns
House of Cards: Spence
  Peter Burton
Small Game for Big Hunters: Fleming
  John Bailey
A Change of Bait: Lemuel Potts
Killer Whale: Fernand
Dial a Deadly Number: Warner
Killer: Bleech
  John Baker
You Have Just Been Murdered: Hallam
Requiem: dominee
  Ronnie Barker
The Hidden Tiger: Cheshire
  Bruno Barnabe
The White Elephant: Fitch
Honey for the Prince: Grand Vizier
You'll Catch Your Death: Farrar
  John Barron
A Sense of History: Dr. Henge
  Geoffrey Bateman
The Midas Touch: Simpson
  Timothy Bateson
The Correct Way to Kill: Merryweather
Have Guns - Will Haggle: Spencer
  Geoffrey Bayldon
The Deadly Air: Professor Kilbride
Escape in Time: Clapham
  Trevor Baxter
The Eagle's Nest: Brown-Fitch
  Sally Bazely
The Last of the Cybernauts...?: Laura
  Richard Bebb
Room Without A View: Dr. Cullen
  James Belchamber
Quick-Quick Slow Death: Peever
Get-A-Way!: Bryant
  Christopher Benjamin
How to Succeed....at Murder: J.J. Hooter
Never, Never Say Die: Whittle
Split!: Swindin
  Harold Berens
Mission to Montreal: Filmregisseur
  Norman Bird
Silent Dust: Croft
  Cynthia Bizeray
Square Root of Evil: Secretaresse
Mission...Highly Improbable: Blondine
  Anthony Blackshaw
The Sell-Out: Policeman
The Mauritius Penny: Lorry Driver's Mate
Esprit de Corps: Soldaat Asquith
Super Secret Cypher Snatch: Davis
  Douglas Blackwell
You'll Catch Your Death: Postbode
  Colin Blakely
Murdersville: Mickle
  Toby Blanshard
Man-Eater of Surrey Green: Joe Mercer
  John Bluthal
Two's a Crowd: Ivenko
  Charles Bolton
The Eagle's Nest: Ralph
  Sidonie Bond
How to Succeed....at Murder: Annie
  Peter Bourne
A Sense of History: Allen
You'll Catch Your Death: Preece
  Peter Bowles
Second Sight: Neil Anstice
Dial a Deadly Number: John Harvey
Escape in Time: Thyssen
Get-A-Way!: Ezdorf
  Andrew Bradford
Cat Amongst the Pigeons: Merton
  Kevin Brennan
Double Danger: Bruton
How to Succeed....at Murder: Sir George
  Lyndon Brook
The Hidden Tiger: Dr. Manx
Noon Doomsday: Lyall
House of Cards: Cartney
  Ray Brooks
Noon Doomsday: Farrington
  Edwin Brown
The Mauritius Penny: Lorry driver
The Nutshell: Military Policeman
  Murray Brown
House of Cards: David
  Angela Browne
Intercrime: Pamela Johnson
How to Succeed....at Murder: Sara Penny
  Graham Bruce
Bullseye: Shareholder
  Alfred Burke
Dragonsfield: Saunders
The Mauritius Penny: Brown
The Girl from Auntie: Gregorio Auntie
  Jeremy Burnham
The Town Of No Return: Dominee
The Fear Merchants: Gordon White
The Forget-Me-Knot: Simon Filson

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