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Gastacteurs en actrices: A
Frederick Abbott
The Gilded Cage: Manley
Killerwhale: Sailor
Ronald Adam
Second Sight: Dr. Spender
Trevor Adams
Dead Men Are Dangerous: Sandy
Anthony Ainley
Noon-Doomsday: Sunley
Keith Alexander
Gnaws: Malloy
Terence Alexander
Angels of Death: Manderson
Love All: Bromfield
The Correct Way to Kill: Ponsonby
The Town of No Return: Piggy Warren
Patrick Allen
Kill the King: General Tuke
The Thirteenth Hole: Reed
Jacky Allouis
Whoever Shot George...: Jill
Nicholas Amer
Cresent Moon: Luis Alvarez
Daphne Anderson
Man in the Mirror: Betty
Esther Anderson
Small Game for Big Hunters: Lala
Maria Andipa
Death Dispatch: Singer
Margo Andrew
The Springers: Caroline Evans
Paul Anil
The White Dwarf: Rahim
Philip Anthony
The Outside-In Man: Sharp
Bernard Archard
The Master Minds: Desmond Leeming
Split: Dr. Constantine
Nigel Arkwright
Dead on Course: Hughes
Ray Armstrong
The Last of the Cybernauts...?: Eerste wacht
Peter Arne
Death on the Slipway: Kolchek
Room Without A View: Pascold
The Golden Eggs: Redfern
Warlock:Cosmo Gallion
Harvey Ashby
Death at Bargain Prices: Marco
Requiem: Bobby
The Decapod: Guards Officer
Harvey Atkin
Complex: Talbot
John Atkinson
False Witness: Brayshaw
Liane Aukin
All Done With Mirrors: Miss Tiddiman
Roger Avon
Dead Men Are Dangerous: Schooldirecteur
Joss Ackland
The Morning After: Brigadier Hansing
Tom Adams
Death on the Slipway: PC Butterworth
Take-Over: Grenville
The Far Distant Dead: Rayner
Raymond Adamson
Take Me to Your Leader
The Grandeur that Was Rome: Lucius
The Decapod: Harry Ramsden
Geoffrey Alexander
Death of a Batman: Gibbs
Maeve Alexander
Tale of the Big Why: Mrs. Turner
Eric Allen
K is for Kill, The Tiger Awakes: Penrose
K is for Kill, Tiger by the Tail: Penrose
Ronald Allen
The Secrets Broker: Allan Paignton
Wendy Allnutt
Invasion of the Earthmen: Sarah
Iain Anders
Split: Frank Compton
David Anderson
Build a Better Mousetrap: Gordon
Keith Anderson
The Deadly Air: Heneger
Annette Andre
House of Cards: Suzy
Mandrake: Judy
David Andrews
The Frighteners: Nigel
Brian Anthony
The Eagle's Nest: Stannard
Edwin Apps
The Correct Way to Kill: Winters
Peter Arkroyd
Emily: Mirschtia
Graham Armitage
Quick-Quick Slow Death: Huggins
The Correct Way to Kill: Algy
Julia Arnall
Intercrime: Hilda Stern
Grace Arnold
The Mauritius Penny: Charlady
Graham Ashley
Propellant 23: Gendarme
Coral Atkins
Death A La Carte: Josie
Kitty Attwood
Death of a Batman: Edith Wrightson
Ray Austin
The Gravediggers: Baron
The Hour That Never Was: Dode melkman

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