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Gastacteurs en actrices: C
  Edward Caddick
Escape in Time: Sweeney
Annette Carell
The Fear Merchants: Dr. Voss
John Carlisle
Super Secret Cypher Snatch: Peters
John Carson
A Chorus of Frogs: Ariston
Second Sight: Marten Halvarssen
Dial a Deadly Number: Fitch
The Midas Touch: Freddy
 Eric Carte
The Last of the Cybernauts...?: Terry
Edward Cast
Dial a Deadly Number: Ober
Tony Caunter
Murdersville: Miller
Naomi Chance
Death on the Rocks: Mrs. Daniels
The Murder Market: Mrs. Stone
Norman Chappell
Dance with Death: Porter
Dead of Winter: Ted
The Gilded Cage: Fleming
Dial a Deadly Number: Macombie
Murdersville: Forbes
Fog: Fowler
 Jeremy Child
The Midas Touch: Luitenant
Anthony Chinn
Room Without A View: Ondervrager
Alan Chuntz
Never, Never Say Die: Selby
Warren Clarke
Invasion of the Earthmen: Trump
Carol Cleveland
A Touch of Brimstone: Sara
 Emma Cochrane
You'll Catch Your Death: Melanie
Richard Coleman
The Danger Makers: RAF officier
Michael Coles
The Bird Who Knew Too Much: Verret
Michael Collins
Brought to Book: Det.-Sgt. Rogers
Mr Teddy Bear: George
 Patrick Connor
Death on the Slipway: PC Geary
Bizarre: Bob
Cat Amongst the Pigeons: Foster
Pamela Conway
The Decapod: Girl in shower
James Copeland
Castle De'Ath: Roberton
Nicholas Courtney
Propellant 23: Captain Legros
Mission...Highly Improbable: Gifford
Clifford Cox
You Have Just Been Murdered: Chalmers
Howard M. Crawford
What the Butler Saw: Brigadier Goddard
The Living Dead: Geoffrey
Stay Tuned: Collins
Bernard Cribbins
The Girl from Auntie: Arkwright
Look - ... Two Fellers...: Bradley Marler
Larry Cross
Quick-Quick Slow Death: Chester Read
Richard Curnock
The £50,000 Breakfast: Rhodes
Alan Curtis
Mission to Montreal: Brand
Allan Cuthberston
The Deadly Air: Dr. Hugh Chalk
Death at Bargain Prices: Farthingale
Death's Door: Lord Melford
Super Secret Cypher Snatch: Webster
Richard Caldicot
A Funny Thing Happened...: Admiraal
Wish You Were Here: Mellor
 Joyce Carey
Homicide and Old Lace: Harriet
The Eagle's Nest: Dame met hond
Patrick Cargill
The Murder Market: Mr. Lovejoy
The Fear Merchants: Pemberton
Charles Carson
Bullseye: Brigadier Williamson
Allan Casley
Mission to Montreal: Barman
John Cater
The Nutshell: Disco
Death at Bargain Prices: Jarvis
The Living Dead: Olliphant
Robert Cawdron
A Touch of Brimstone: Horace
Murdersville: Banks
John Chandos
Murdersville: Morgan
Geoffrey Chater
You Have Just Been Murdered: Jarvis
You'll Catch Your Death: Seaton
Dennis Chinnery
Something Nasty in the Nursery: Dobson
Diane Clare
Death at Bargain Prices: Julie
Peter Clay
The £50,000 Breakfast: Land Rover chauffeur
Mission...Highly Improbable: Sergant
 Jennifer Clulow
You'll Catch Your Death: Georgina
Noel Coleman
Traitor in Zebra: Nash
Return of the Cybernauts: Conroy
Sylvia Coleridge
The Girl from Auntie: Aunt Hetty
Clive Colin-Bowler
The Bird Who Knew Too Much: Robin
Geoffrey Colville
Concerto: Burns
Murdersville: Jeremy Purser
Kenneth Cope
The Bird Who Knew Too Much: Tom Savage
The Curious Case of the Countless Clues: Gardiner
 Peter Copley
The White Dwarf: Henry Barker
All Done With Mirrors: Sparshott
Cat Amongst the Pigeons: Prof. Waterlow
Delia Corrie
The Mauritius Penny: Miss Power
Arthur Cox
From Venus With Love: Clarke
Whoever Shot ... XR40?: Anesthesist
Gerry Crampton
Dead Man's Treasure: Eerste gast
Les Crawford
You Have Just Been Murdered: Morgan
John Crocker
Propellant 23: Lieut. Leclerc
The Medicine Men: Taylor
The Winged Avenger: Fothers
 Roland Culver
You'll Catch Your Death: Kolonel Timothy
Anna Cunningham
How to Succeed....at Murder: Gladys Murkle
Roland Curran
Honey for the Prince: Vincent
Peter Cushing
Return of the Cybernauts: Paul Beresford
The Eagle's Nest: Dr. Von Claus

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