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Gastacteurs en actrices: M
Aimi MacDonald
Return of the Cybernauts: Rosie
Maria Machado
Two's a Crowd: Alicia Elena
Peter Mackriel
Mission to Montreal: Steward
Peter Madden
Room Without A View: Dr. Wadkin
Pandora: Gregory Lasindall
Philip Madoc
The Decapod: Stepan
Six Hands Across A Table: Julian Seabrook
Death of a Batman: Van Doren
The Correct Way to Kill: Ivan
My Wildest Dream: Slater
Terry Maidment
Death's Door: Jepson
Alec Mango
Conspiracy of Silence: Sica
Two's a Crowd: Shevedloff
Hugh Manning
The Thirteenth Hole: Kolonel Watson
The Superlative Seven: Max Hardy
Thingumajig: Major Star
Richard Marner
The Thirteenth Hole: Man op TV
Paul Massie
The Gravediggers: Johnson
James Maxwell
The Outside-In Man: Mark Charter
The Superlative Seven: Jason Wade
Sarah Maxwell
Mr Teddy Bear: Cafémeisje
 Ferdy Mayne
Legacy of Death: Baron Von Orlak
Trap: Arcarti
Eric McCaine
Mission to Montreal: Pearson
Henry McGee
You'll Catch Your Death: Maidwell
Ian McNaughton
The Master Minds: Dr. Fergus Campbell
Michael Mellinger
The Far-Distant Dead: Mateos
The Sell-Out: Frazer
George Merritt
Something Nasty in the Nursery: James
Jonathan Miller
A Funny Thing Happened...: Zware jongen
 Robert Mill
Double Danger: Harry Dew
Killer Whale: Brown
The Midas Touch: Curator
Billy Milton
Death on the Slipway: Chandler
Death of a Great Dane: Pastoor
Warren Mitchell
The Golden Fleece: Captain Jason
The Charmers: Keller
Two's a Crowd: Brodny
The See-Through Man: Brodny
Phillippe Monnet
The £50,000 Breakfast: Tweede assistent
Ron Moody
Honey for the Prince: Ponsonby-Hopkirk
The Bird Who Knew Too Much: Jordan
Andre Morell
Death of a Batman: Lord Teale
Death at Bargain Prices: Horatio Kane
David Morrell
The Hour That Never Was: Wiggins
Aubrey Morris
Silent Dust: Quince
Bryan Mosley
The Gravediggers: Miller
Homicide and Old Lace: Armsmith
Michael Moyer
Death of a Great Dane: Politieman
Douglas Muir
The Deadly Air: One-Ten
Death on the Slipway: One-Ten
Mr Teddy Bear: One-Ten
The Removal Men: One-Ten
Declan Mulholland
The Fear Merchants: Saunders
Valentine Musetti
The Decapod: Bodyguard 2
Death à la Carte: Ali
The Secrets Broker: Bruno
The Outside-In Man: Guard
Lobster Quadrille: Jackson
Jack MacGowran
The Winged Avenger: Professor Poole
Fulton Mackay
Return of the Cybernauts: Prof. Chadwick
You'll Catch Your Death: Glover
Bizarre: The Master
Alan MacNaughtan
The Town Of No Return: Brandon
Who Was That Man I Saw You With?: Gilpin
Victor Maddern
The Thirteenth Hole: Jackson
Frank Maher
November Five: landbouwer
Dressed to Kill: Barman
The Little Wonders: Hasek
You Have Just Been Murdered: Nicholls
Marne Maitland
Death's Door: Becker
Marika Mann
Murdersville: Miss Avril
Yole Marinelli
The £50,000 Breakfast: Jerezina
Ray Martine
The Girl from Auntie: Taxichauffeur
Francis Matthews
The Thirteenth Hole: Collins
Mission...Highly Improbable: Chivers
Roger Maxwell
Death of a Great Dane: Wijnproever
Ray McAnnaly
The Positive Negative Man: Cresswell
They Keep Killing Steed: Acros
Neil McCarthy
Brought to Book: Bart
Dead Man's Treasure: Carl
The Interrogators: Rasker
T.P. McKenna
Trojan Horse: Tony Heuston
Death at Bargain Prices: Wentworth
Noon Doomsday: Grant
 Dan Meaden
False Witness: Sloman
House of Cards: Boris
Stanley Meadows
The Hidden Tiger: Erskine
Mary Merrall
The Girl from Auntie: Oude dame
Homicide and Old Lace: Georgina
Jane Merrow
Mission...Highly Improbable: Susan
Martin Miller
The Master Minds: Professor Spencer
 Gilles Millinaire
The Midas Touch: Midas
Isa Miranda
Epic: Damita Syn
Zia Mohyeddin
Honey for the Prince: Prins Ali
 Geraldine Moffatt
House of Cards: Jo
Richard Montez
Escape in Time: Josino
John Moore
The Hidden Tiger: Williams
Thingumajig: Greer
Garfield Morgan
The Fear Merchants: Gilbert
Game: Manservant
Take-Over: Sexton
Artro Morris
Conspiracy of Silence: James
How to Succeed....at Murder: Henry Throgbottom
Wolfe Morris
The Yellow Needle: Ali
The Decapod: Ito
Two's a Crowd: Pudeshkin
Patrick Mower
A Sense of History: Duboys
Daniel Moynihan
Man With Two Shadows: Gordon
The Hour That Never Was: Barman
Gillian Muir
Mission to Montreal: Judy
The Sell-Out: Judy
George Murcell
Square Root of Evil: Hooper
You Have Just Been Murdered: Needle

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