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Gastacteurs en actrices: L
Ronald Lacey
The Joker: jonge man
Legacy of Death: Humbert
The Midas Touch: Hong Kong Harry
 Simon Lack
False Witness: Nesbitt
Charles Lamb
The Gravediggers: Fred
Nigel Lambert
The £50,000 Breakfast: Tweede dokter
 Dinsdale Landen
All Done With Mirrors: Watney
Angels of Death: Coldstream
Eric Lander
Two's a Crowd: Majoor Carson
David Langton
The Mauritius Penny: Gerald Shelly
November Five: Major Swinburne
The £50,000 Breakfast: Sir James Arnell
Michael Latimer
A Touch of Brimstone: Roger Winthrop
The Positive Negative Man: Haworth
Angels of Death: Reresby
John Laurie
Death of a Great Dane: Sir James
Brief for Murder: Miles Lakin
A Funny Thing...: Crewe
Pandora: Juniper
Sarah Lawson
How to Succeed....at Murder: Mary Merryweather
John Lee
The Bird Who Knew Too Much: Mark Pearson
The Forget-Me-Knot: Dr. Soames
Laurie Leigh
Bullseye: Dorothy Young
John Le Mesurier
Mandrake: Dr. Macombie
What the Butler Saw: Benson
 Tute Lemkow
Legacy of Death: Gorky
Philip Levene
Who's Who???: Daffodil
Albert Lieven
A Surfeit of H20: Dr. Sturm
Moira Lister
The See-Through Man: Elena
Jeremy Lloyd
From Venus With Love: Bertram Smith
Thingumajig: Teddy
Suzanne Lloyd
The Murder Market: Barbara Wakefield
Philip Locke
The Frighteners: Moxon
Mandrake: Roy Hopkins
From Venus With Love: Primble
Justine Lord
Propellant 23: Jeanette
Dyson Lovell
A Funny Thing Happened...: Warren
William Lucas
Death's Door: Stapley
Invasion of the Earthmen: Brett
William Lyon Brown
Death's Door: Dalby
Fog: -
Alan Lake
The House That Jack Built: Gevangenisbewaker
The Forget-Me-Knot: Karl
Jack Lambert
Castle De'Ath: McNab
Lloyd Lamble
The Gravediggers: Dr. Marlowe
 Robert Lang
The Last of the Cybernauts...?: Kane
Sylvia Langova
Dragonsfield: Lisa Strauss
The Mauritius Penny: Sheila Gray
Philip Latham
The White Dwarf: Professor Cartright
Room Without A View: Carter
Andrew Laurence
Murdersville: Williams
You'll Catch Your Death: Herrick
Jon Laurimore
Honey for the Prince: Ronny Wescott
The £50,000 Breakfast: Veiligheidsagent
Christopher Lee
Never, Never Say Die: Professor Stone
The Interrogators: Colonel Mannering
Richard Leech
Traitor in Zebra: Franks
Dressed to Kill: Politieagent
Mission...Highly Improbable: Kol. Drew
Faces: Craig
 Michael Lees
False Witness: Plummer
Ronald Leigh-Hunt
Dragonsfield: Redington
The Cybernauts: Lambert
Three-Handed Game: Generaal
 Valerie Leon
Whoever Shot Poor George Oblique Stroke XR40?: Betty
Humprey Lestocq
What the Butler Saw: Vice Admiral Willows
Gillian Lewis
Man-Eater of Surrey Green: Laura Burford
 Pik-Sen Lim
The Midas Touch: Sing
Leon Lissek
The Forget-Me-Knot: Taxichauffeur
George Little
The Removal Men: Ober
Man With Two Shadows: Sigi
Sue Lloyd
A Surfeit of H20: Joyce Jason
Charles Lloyd Pack
Silent Dust: Sir Manfred Fellows
You'll Catch Your Death: Dr. Fawcett
David Lodge
Epic: Politieagent
Fog: Maskell
 Matthew Long
Take Me to Your Leader: Holland
Cat Amongst the Pigeons: Turner
Enid Lorimer
Something Nasty in the Nursery: Nanny Roberts
Arthur Lowe
Dead Man's Treasure: Benstead
Michael Lynch
From Venus With Love: Hadley

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