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Seizoen 4: Emma Peel z/w (1965 - 1966)
  1. The Town of No Return
  2. The Gravediggers
  3. The Cybernauts
  4. Death at Bargain Prices
  5. Castle De'Ath
  6. The Master Minds
  7. The Murder Market
  8. A Surfeit of H20
  9. The Hour That Never Was
  10. Dial a Deadly Number
  11. Man-Eater of Surrey Green
  12. Two's a Crowd
  13. Too Many Christmas Trees
  1. Silent Dust
  2. Room Without A View
  3. Small Game for Big Hunters
  4. The Girl from Auntie
  5. The Thirteenth Hole
  6. Quick-Quick Slow Death
  7. The Danger Makers
  8. A Touch of Brimstone
  9. What the Butler Saw
  10. The House That Jack Built
  11. A Sense of History
  12. How to Succeed....at Murder
  13. Honey for the Prince


Volledige credits
Produced by: Julian Wintle
In Charge of ProductionAlbert Fennell
Associate Producer: Brian Clemens
Music by: Laurie Johnson
Story Editor: Brian Clemens
Photography: Lionel Banes, Alan Hume, Ernest Steward, Gilbert Taylor, Gerry Turpin
Art Directors: Harry Pottle, Robert Jones
Film Editors: Richard Best, Peter Tanner, Lionel Selwyn
Production Manager: Geoffrey Haine
Assistant Directors: Richard Dalton, Frank Hollands, Claude Watson
Camera Operators: James Bawden, Godfrey Godar, Val Stewart, Ronnie Taylor,
Tony White
Casting Director: G.B. Walker
Continuity: June Randall
Make-Up: George Blackler
Hairdresser: Pearl Orton
Wardrobe: Jackie Jackson
Sound Editors: Jack T. Knight, Ken Rolls, Bert Rule, Lionel Selwyn
Sound Recorder: Simon Kaye
Dubbing Mixer: Len Abbot
Recording Director: A.W. Lumkin
Stunt Arranger: Ray Austin
Diana Rigg's wardrobe designed by: John Bates
Diana Rigg's shoes designed by: Edward Rayne
Fashion Consultant: Anne Trehearne
(cast: zie individuele episodes)
Seizoen 5: Emma Peel kleur (1967)
  1. From Venus With Love
  2. The Fear Merchants
  3. Escape in Time
  4. The See-Through Man
  5. The Bird Who Knew Too Much
  6. The Winged Avenger
  7. The Living Dead
  8. The Hidden Tiger
  9. The Correct Way to Kill
  10. Never, Never Say Die
  11. Epic
  12. The Superlative Seven
  1. A Funny Thing Happened
    On the Way to the Station
  2. Something Nasty in the Nursery
  3. The Joker
  4. Who's Who???
  5. Return of the Cybernauts
  6. Death's Door
  7. The £50,000 Breakfast
  8. Dead Man's Treasure
  9. You Have Just Been Murdered
  10. The Positive Negative Man
  11. Murdersville
  12. Mission...Highly Improbable

Volledige credits
Produced by: Albert Fennell & Brian Clemens
Executive Producer: Julian Wintle
Music by: Laurie Johnson
Production Controller: Jack Greenwood
Music Editor: Karen Heward
Production Designers: Robert Jones, Wilfred Shingleton
Directors of Photography: Wilkie Cooper, Alan Hume, Ernest Steward
Supervising Editor: Peter Tanner
Editors: Tony Palk, Lionel Selwyn
Production Managers: Geoffrey Haine, Ted Lloyd
Assistant Directors: Ron Carr, Richard Dalton, Malcolm Johnson, Ted Lewis,
Ron Purdie
Camera Operators: James Bawden, Frank Drake, Tony White
Art Directors: Fred Carter, Kenneth Tait, Len Townsend
Set Dresser: Ted Tester
Continuity: Gladys Goldsmith, Mary Spain, Peggy Spirito
Hairdressing: Hilda Fox, Bill Griffiths
Make-Up: Jim Hydes, Basil Newall, Bill Partleton
Wardrobe: Jean Farlie, Hilda Geerdts, Gladys James
Stunt Arranger: Ray Austin
Casting Director: G.B. Walker
Unit Managers: Richard Dalton, Laurie Greenwood
Recording Director: A.W. Lumkin
Sound Recordists: Simon Kaye, Ken Rawkins, Bill Rowe
Dubbing Mixers: Len Abbot, Len Shilton
Sound Editors: Jack T. Knight, Rydal Love
Construction Managers: Charles Hammerton, Peter Lennard, Herbert Worley
Supervising Electricians: Steve Birtles, Walter "Wally" Thompson
Principal items of Mr. Macnee's wardrobe designed by: Pierre Cardin
Miss Rigg's costumes designed by: Alun Hughes
(cast: zie individuele episodes)
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