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Gastacteurs en actrices: K
Maurice Kaufmann
Quick-Quick Slow Death: Ivor Bracewell
Bernard Kay
Bullseye: Karl
Penelope Keith
The Murder Market: Bruid
Something Nasty in the Nursery: Nanny Brown
Take Me To Your Leader: Audrey Long
Clare Kelly
Death of a Great Dane: Mrs. Miller
John Kidd
A Surfeit of H20: Sir Arnold Kelly
Split!: De butler
 Teddy Kiss
Legacy of Death: Winkler
Richard Klee
The Sell-Out: Workman
Patrick Kavanagh
The Forget-Me-Knot: Sean Mortimer
 Sylvia Kay
You'll Catch Your Death: Matron
Kenneth Keeling
Mr Teddy Bear: Col. Wayne-Gilley
The Grandeur That Was Rome: Appleton
Andrew Keir
The Fear Merchants: Crawley
Get-A-Way!: Kolonel James
David Kernan
Quick-Quick Slow Death: Piedi
Never, Never Say Die: Eccles
Roy Kinnear
Esprit de Corps: Jessop
The Hour That Never Was: Hickey
The See-Through Man: Quilby
Bizarre: Happychap
Bert Kwouk
Kill the King: King Tenuphon
Lobster Quadrille: Mason
The Cybernauts: Tusamo

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