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Gastacteurs en actrices: H
 Pearl Hackney
The Last of the Cybernauts...?: Mrs. Weir
Fred Haggerty
The Hour That Never Was: Chauffeur
Patricia Haines
The Nutshell: Laura
The Master Minds: Holly Trent
Who's Who???: Lola
Neil Hallett
Dead of Winter: Weber
The Winged Avenger: Arnie Packer
Get-A-Way!: Paul Ryder
Faces: Clifford
Medium Rare: Roberts
Roger Hammond
Return of the Cybernauts: Dr. Russell
Laurence Hardy
The Master Minds: Sir Clive Todd
Gerald Harper
Death Dispatch: Travers
The Hour That Never Was: Geoffrey Ridsdale
Homicide and Old Lace: Colonel Corf
James Hayter
A Funny Thing Happened...: Kaartjesknipper
Drewe Henley
A Funny Thing Happened...: Bruidegom
Donald Hewlett
The Thirteenth Hole: Waversham
Faces: Torrance
Ronald Hines
Murdersville: Dr. Haymes
Raymond Hodge
The Mauritius Penny: Porter
Jan Holden
The Undertakers: Paula
Dial a Deadly Number: Ruth Boardman
Ewan Hooper
What the Butler Saw: Sgt. Moran
Walter Horsbrugh
The Town Of No Return: Schoolinspecteur
John Horsley
Mr Teddy Bear: Dr. Gilmore
 Basil Hoskins
The Outside-In Man: Major Zulficar
The Last of the Cybernauts...?: Professor Mason
Noel Howlett
Mission...Highly Improbable: Prof. Rushton
David Hutchenson
Man-Eater of Surrey Green: Commander Davies
Ross Hutchinson
Man-Eater of Surrey Green: Dr. Connelly
They Keep Killing Steed: -
Brian Haines
The Hidden Tiger: Samuel Jones
 Fiona Hartford
You'll Catch Your Death: Janice
Harvey Hall
The Master Minds: Guard
The See-Through Man: Ulric
 Peter Halliday
Noon Doomsday: Perrier
Ann Hamilton
The Positive Negative Man: Receptioniste
Paul Hardwick
Something Nasty in the Nursery: Webster
Juliet Harmer
The Town Of No Return: Jill Manson
Imogen Hassall
Escape in Time: Anjali
John G. Heller
Man-Eater of Surrey Green: Lennox
The Correct Way to Kill: Grotski
Split!: Himel
Arthur Hewlett
The Sell-Out: One-Twelve
Edward Higgins
The Mauritius Penny: P.C. Andrews
The Forget-Me-Knot: Hovenier
Carleton Hobbs
The Sell-Out: Monsieur Roland
Charles Hodgson
Double Danger: Mark Crawford
Quick-Quick Slow Death: Syder
John Hollis
Warlock: Markel
The Cybernauts: Sensai
The Superlative Seven: Kanwitch
Legacy of Death: Zoltan
 David Horovitch
The Last of the Cybernauts...?: Fitzroy
Gary Hope
A Change of Bait: Barker
November Five: Dyter
The Superlative Seven: Joe Smith
Bernard Horsfall
The Cybernauts: Jephcott
The Fear Merchants: Fox
They Keep Killing Steed: Captain Smythe
Peter Howell
Death at Bargain Prices: Professor Popple
Peter Hughs
The Medicine Men: Edwards
What the Butler Saw: Walters
 Richard Hurndall
Legacy of Death: Farrer
Harry Hutchinson
The Master Minds: Sir Clive's Butler
The Rotters: Sir James Pendred's butler

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