Fame Is the Spur 1947: Honor Blackman
Quartet 1948: Honor Blackman
Daughter of Darkness 1948: Honor Blackman
Diamond City 1949: Honor Blackman
All Over the Town 1949: Patrick Macnee
A Boy, a Girl and a Bike 1949: Honor Blackman
Conspirator 1949: Honor Blackman
The Small Back Room 1949: Patrick Macnee
So Long at the Fair 1950: Honor Blackman
Dick Barton at Bay 1950: Patrick Macnee
The Elusive Pimpernel 1950: Patrick Macnee
Scrooge 1951: Patrick Macnee
Green Grow the Rushes 1951: Honor Blackman
The Rainbow Jacket 1954: Honor Blackman
General Motors Presents: Billy Budd 1955: Patrick Macnee
Breakaway 1955: Honor Blackman
Three Cases Of Murder 1955: Patrick Macnee
The Glass Cage 1955: Honor Blackman
The Delavine Affair 1955: Honor Blackman
The Battle of the River Plate 1956: Patrick Macnee
Up in the World 1956: Ian Hendry
Film Fanfare 1956: Honor Blackman
Kraft Television Theatre - A Night to Remember 1956: Patrick Macnee
You Pay Your Money 1957: Honor Blackman
'Matinee Theatre': Jane Eyre 1957: Patrick Macnee
Account Rendered 1957: Honor Blackman
Les Girls 1957: Patrick Macnee
Boyd Q.C.: The Open and Shut Case 1957: Honor Blackman
The Secret Place 1957: Ian Hendry
'The Invisible Man': 'Blind Justice' 1958: Honor Blackman
The Square Peg 1958: Honor Blackman
A Night to Remember 1958: Honor Blackman
The Veil: Vision of Crime 1958: Patrick Macnee
The Vise: The Lady Doesn't Scare 1958: Honor Blackman
Room at the Top 1959: Ian Hendry
Adventures in Paradise: The Bamboo Curtain 1959: Patrick Macnee
'Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond', 'Night of April 14th' 1959: Patrick Macnee
Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Arthur 1959: Patrick Macnee
'The Twilight Zone: Judgment Night' 1959: Patrick Macnee
The Swamp Fox 1959: Patrick Macnee
The Invisible Man: Shadow Bomb 1959: Ian Hendry
The New Adventures of Charlie Chan: The Patient in Room 21 1959: Honor Blackman
Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Crystal Trench 1959: Patrick Macnee
Black Saddle, Client: McQueen 1959: Patrick Macnee
Markham: The Counterfeit Stamp 1959: Patrick Macnee
The Four Just Men 1959-1960: Honor Blackman
Police Surgeon 1960: Ian Hendry
'Danger Man': Colonel Rodriguez 1960: Honor Blackman
In the Nick 1960: Ian Hendry
Sink the Bismarck! 1960: Ian Hendry
The Pursuers: The Frame 1961: Honor Blackman
A Matter of WHO 1961: Honor Blackman
The Rebel 1961: Patrick Newell
Bootsie and Snudge: Rally Round the Flag 1961: Honor Blackman
'The Saint': The Arrow of God: Honor Blackman 1962
'Armchair Theatre: Afternoon of a Nymph' 1962: Ian Hendry
Live Now - Pay Later 1962: Ian Hendry
'The Sentimental Agent: A Very Desirable Plot' 1963: Diana Rigg
'Ghost Squad': 'Princess' 1963: Honor Blackman
Unearthly Stranger 1963: Patrick Newell
Variety Club Annual Awards for 1963: Honor Blackman & Patrick Macnee
Jason and the Argonauts 1963: Honor Blackman
Children of the Damned 1963: Ian Hendry
Girl in the Headlines 1963: Ian Hendry
The Sentimental Agent: A Little Sweetness and Light 1963: Patrick Newell
London Campers Reunion 1964: Honor Blackman & Patrick Macnee
It's Dark Outside: Wake the Dead 1964: Patrick Newell
Carry On Cleo 1964: Julie Stevens
Goldfinger 1964: Honor Blackman
This Is My Street 1964: Ian Hendry
The Hothouse 1964: Diana Rigg
The Beauty Jungle 1964: Ian Hendry
Armchair Theatre: The Importance of Being Earnest 1964: Patrick Macnee
Danger Man: The Battle of the Cameras 1964: Patrick Newell
Danger Man, Say It with Flowers 1965: Ian Hendry
Avengers Fashion, Dressed to Kill 1965: Patrick Macnee
Repulsion 1965: Ian Hendry
The Hill 1965: Ian Hendry
The Secret of My Success 1965: Honor Blackman
Life at the Top 1965: Honor Blackman
Moment to Moment 1965: Honor Blackman
Das Diadem 1966: Diana Rigg
Avengers on Location (Beaulieu, Hampshire) 1966: Diana Rigg & Patrick Macnee
The Sandwich Man 1966: Ian Hendry & Patrick Newell
Play School 1966-1979: Julie Stevens
Avengers Fashion, Rigg's New Rigs 1967: Diana Rigg & Patrick Macnee
Los traidores de San Ángel 1967: Ian Hendry
Interview voor de Duitse televisie ZDF 1967: Diana Rigg & Patrick Macnee
Reclamespot Lux Soap 1967: Diana Rigg
New Avengers Star 1967: Linda Thorson & Patrick Macnee
Good Evening! 1967: Diana Rigg
ITV Play of the Week - The Crossfire 1967: Ian Hendry
Promotieclip 'Introducing Linda Thorson' 1968: Linda Thorson & Patrick Macnee
A Midsummer Night’s Dream 1968: Diana Rigg
Shalako 1968: Honor Blackman
Kampf um Rom I 1968: Honor Blackman
A Twist of Sand 1968: Honor Blackman
Doppelgänger 1969: Ian Hendry
Minikillers 1969: Diana Rigg
Die Rudi Carrell Show 1969: Linda Thorson & Patrick Macnee
The Town Girl 1969: Linda Thorson
The Assassination Bureau 1969: Diana Rigg
On Her Majesty's Secret Service 1969: Diana Rigg, Joanna Lumley & Honor Blackman
Some Girls Do 1969: Joanna Lumley
The Name of the Game: An Agent of the Plaintiff 1969: Honor Blackman
The Saint: Vendetta for the Saint 1969: Ian Hendry
Twinky 1969: Honor Blackman
Euromuoti 1969: Joanna Lumley
Mister Jerico 1969: Patrick Macnee
Games That Lovers Play 1970: Joanna Lumley
The McKenzie Break 1970: Ian Hendry
The Virgin and the Gypsy 1970: Honor Blackman
Incense for the Damned 1970: Patrick Macnee
Julius Caesar 1970: Diana Rigg
The Virginian: A King's Ransom 1970: Patrick Macnee
The Ballad of Tam Lin 1970: Joanna Lumley
The Adventures of Don Quick 1970: Ian Hendry
The Breaking of Bumbo 1970: Joanna Lumley
Desert Island Discs 1970: Diana Rigg
Something Big 1971: Honor Blackman
The Dick Cavett Show 1971: Diana Rigg
Fright 1971: Honor Blackman
Get Carter 1971: Ian Hendry
The Hospital 1971: Diana Rigg
'Alias Smith and Jones': The Man Who Murdered Himself: Patrick Macnee (1971)
Night Gallery: Logoda's Heads 1971: Patrick Macnee
It's Awfully Bad For Your Eyes, Darling 1971: Joanna Lumley
All Coppers Are 1971: Ian Hendry
Presenting Keith Michell 1971: Diana Rigg
'The Protectors': Thinkback 1972: Ian Hendry
Patrick, Dear Patrick an Evening with Patrick Cargill and His Guests 1972: Patrick Macnee
Parkinson 1972: Diana Rigg
Columbo: Dagger of the Mind 1972: Honor Blackman
Steptoe and Son, Loathe Story 1972: Joanna Lumley
For The Love Of Ada 1972: Gareth Hunt
Boney: Boney In Venom House 1972: Honor Blackman
Tales from the Crypt 1972: Ian Hendry
A Family at War: Two Fathers 1972: Gareth Hunt
The Frighteners: Bed and Breakfast 1972: Ian Hendry
The Woman I Love 1972: Patrick Macnee
The Lotus Eaters 1972-1973: Ian Hendry
Don't Just Lie There, Say Something 1973: Joanna Lumley
'Thriller: Lady Killer' 1973: Linda Thorson
Cashmere Is Scottish 1973: Joanna Lumley
Diana 1973: Diana Rigg & Patrick Macnee
Are You Being Served?, His and Hers, German Week 1973, 1975: Joanna Lumley
Theatre of Blood 1973: Diana Rigg & Ian Hendry
The Satanic Rites of Dracula 1973: Joanna Lumley
Coronation Street 1973: Joanna Lumley
Bless This House 1974: Gareth Hunt
Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter 1974: Ian Hendry
This is Your Life, Christopher Lee 1974: Joanna Lumley & Patrick Macnee
Doctor Who: 'Planet of the Spiders' 1974: Gareth Hunt
Dial M for Murder: Contract 1974: Ian Hendry
The Russell Harty Show 1974: Diana Rigg
The Internecine Project 1974: Ian Hendry
Affairs of the Heart: Grace 1974: Diana Rigg
Upstairs Downstairs 1974-1975: Gareth Hunt
The Morecambe & Wise Show, Christmas Special 1975: Diana Rigg
Good Afternoon! 1975: Honor Blackman
Thriller, A Killer with Two Faces 1975: Ian Hendry
'Columbo, Troubled Waters' 1975: Patrick Macnee
Professione: reporter 1975: Ian Hendry
Matt Helm 1975: Patrick Macnee
Cooper 1975: Ian Hendry
Doctor Who: The Android Invasion: Part Four 1975: Patrick Newell
To the Devil a Daughter 1976: Honor Blackman
'The Sweeney, Ringer' 1975: Ian Hendry
'Space: 1999: The Guardian of Piri' 1975: Gareth Hunt
The Hanged Man 1975: Gareth Hunt
Whodunnit?: Fly Me, I'm Dead 1975: Honor Blackman
Russell Harty goes.... Upstairs, Downstairs 1975: Gareth Hunt
Wodehouse Playhouse: The Truth About George 1975: Patrick Newell
Village Hall: Battleground 1975: Ian Hendry
The Howerd Confessions 1976: Linda Thorson
Leyland Cars, Rover SD1 1976: Patrick Macnee
The 30th Annual Tony Awards 1976: Diana Rigg
Whodunnit?: Final Verdict 1976: Honor Blackman
The Russell Harty Show 1976: Joanna Lumley
Dead of Night 1976: Patrick Macnee
Intimate Games 1976: Ian Hendry
The Cuckoo Waltz: Babysitter 1976: Joanna Lumley
Whodunnit?, Time to Dye 1976: Gareth Hunt
Christmas Supersonic 1976: Joanna Lumley
Sherlock Holmes in New York 1976: Patrick Macnee
Bring on the Girls 1976: Honor Blackman
Whodunnit?: Dead Ball 1976: Patrick Newell
A Little Night Music 1977: Diana Rigg
'Van der Valk: Gold Plated Delinquents' 1977: Ian Hendry
Valentino 1977: Linda Thorson
Supernatural 1977: Ian Hendry
King Solomon's Treasure 1977: Patrick Macnee
The New Kreskin Show 1977: Patrick Macnee
Age of Innocence 1977: Honor Blackman
TF1 Le journal de 13 heures 1977: Patrick Macnee, Joanna Lumley, Gareth Hunt
Robin's Nest 1977-1978: Honor Blackman
Three Piece Suite 1977: Diana Rigg
The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries: Assault on the Tower 1978: Patrick Macnee
'Return of the Saint': The Roman Touch 1978: Linda Thorson
'Return of the Saint': Yesterday's Hero 1978: Ian Hendry
Les palmiers du métropolitain 1978: Linda Thorson
Robin's Nest: Day Trippers 1978: Patrick Newell
The Greek Tycoon 1978: Linda Thorson
Damien: Omen II 1978: Ian Hendry
Evening in Byzantium 1978: Patrick Macnee
This is Your Life 1978: Ian Hendry en Patrick Macnee
The Mike Douglas Show 1978: Patrick Macnee
Sapphire and Steel 1979: Joanna Lumley
Parkinson 1979: Diana Rigg
'Battlestar Galactica': War of the Gods 1979: Patrick Macnee
No. 1 Licensed To Love And Kill 1979: Gareth Hunt
The Plank 1979: Joanna Lumley
The Cat and the Canary 1979: Honor Blackman
Parkinson 1979: Joanna Lumley
The House on Garibaldi Street 1979: Gareth Hunt
The Bitch 1979: Ian Hendry
The World Is Full of Married Men 1979: Gareth Hunt
The Great Detective 1979-1982: Linda Thorson
The Sea Wolves 1980: Patrick Macnee
McVicar 1980; Ian Hendry
An Audience with Dame Edna Everage 1980: Joanna Lumley
Whicker's World 1980: Patrick Macnee
The Littlest Hobo 1980: Patrick Macnee
For Maddie With Love 1980: Ian Hendry
Hedda Gabler 1981: Diana Rigg
That Beryl Marston...! 1981: Gareth Hunt
The Creature Wasn't Nice 1981: Patrick Macnee
Worzel Gummidge: The Golden Hind 1981: Patrick Newell
The Great Muppet Caper 1981: Diana Rigg
Smuggler: An Eye for an Eye 1981: Ian Hendry
Whizzkids Guide 1981: Patrick Newell
Bergerac: Campaign For Silence 1981: Ian Hendry
The Howling 1981: Patrick Macnee
Dick Turpin's Greatest Adventure 1981: Patrick Macnee
The Chinese Detective: Ice and Dust 1981: Ian Hendry
Vega$: Murder by Mirrors 1981: Patrick Macnee
Kinvig 1981: Patrick Newell
Never the Twain 1981-1982: Honor Blackman
The Kenny Everett Television Show 1981-1982: Joanna Lumley
Rehearsal for Murder 1982: Patrick Macnee
Bid for Power 1982: Gareth Hunt
Trail of the Pink Panther 1982: Joanna Lumley
Evil Under the Sun 1982: Diana Rigg
'Minder: The Son Also Rises' 1982: Gareth Hunt
Young Doctors in Love 1982: Patrick Macnee
Holding the Fort: Otherwise Engaged 1982: Honor Blackman
The Young Ones 1982: Patrick Newell
Witness for the Prosecution 1982: Diana Rigg
Gavilan 1982: Patrick Macnee
Colette 1982: Diana Rigg
The Agatha Christie Hour: The Manhood Of Edward Robinson 1982: Patrick Newell
BBC Play of the Month: Little Eyolf 1982: Diana Rigg
Curse of the Pink Panther 1983: Joanna Lumley
Wogan 1983: Diana Rigg
Curtains 1983: Linda Thorson
Automan 1983: Patrick Macnee
The Secret Adversary 1983: Honor Blackman
Bloodbath at the House of Death 1983: Gareth Hunt
Jemima Shore Investigates 1983: Ian Hendry
Sweet 16 1983: Patrick Macnee
The Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E.: The Fifteen Years Later Affair 1983: Patrick Macnee
King Lear 1983: Diana Rigg
Cuffy 1983: Gareth Hunt
Funny Money 1983: Gareth Hunt
The Glory Boys 1984: Joanna Lumley
The Lost Honor of Kathryn Beck 1984: Linda Thorson
This is Your Life 1984: Patrick Macnee, Joanna Lumley, Gareth Hunt, Ian Hendry & Honor Blackman
Children in Need 1983, 1984 & 1985: Joanna Lumley
Magnum P.I.: 'Holmes Is Where the Heart Is' 1984: Patrick Macnee
Alas Smith and Jones 1984: Joanna Lumley
And the Wall Came Tumbling Down 1984: Gareth Hunt
This Is Spinal Tap 1984: Patrick Macnee
The Weather in the Streets 1984: Joanna Lumley
The First Olympics: Athens 1896 1984: Honor Blackman
Mistral's Daughter 1984: Joanna Lumley
The Love Boat 1984: Patrick Macnee
Hart to Hart: Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch 1984: Patrick Macnee
Brookside 1984: Ian Hendry
Clive James on Television / The Clive James Show 1984, 1995: Joanna Lumley
Wogan 1985: Patrick Macnee
Minder on the Orient Express 1985: Honor Blackman
Walls of Glass 1985: Linda Thorson
The Royal Doulton Story 1985: Patrick Macnee
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson 1985: Linda Thorson
'Murder, She Wrote: Sing a Song of Murder' 1985: Patrick Macnee
Shadey 1985: Patrick Macnee
The Kenny Everett Television Show 1985: Gareth Hunt
Na sowas! 1985: Patrick Macnee
Lime Street: Diamonds Aren't Forever 1985: Linda Thorson
Cult People 1985: Patrick Macnee
C.A.T.S. Eyes, Frightmare 1985: Patrick Newell
Lime Street: The Mystery of Flight 401 1985: Patrick Macnee
'The Equalizer': No Conscience 1986: Linda Thorson
Miss Universe 1986: Patrick Macnee
Doctor Who: 'The Trial of a Time Lord, Terror of the Vervoids' 1986: Honor Blackman
This is Your Life - Denis Quilley: Diana Rigg (1986)
Joey 1986: Linda Thorson
Moonlighting: Symphony in Knocked Flat 1986: Linda Thorson
The Worst Witch 1986: Diana Rigg
Videoclip The Pretenders: 'Don't Get Me Wrong' 1986: Patrick Macnee
The Gladiator 1986: Linda Thorson
Wogan 1986: Diana Rigg
Sweet Liberty 1986: Linda Thorson
Spenser: For Hire, Hell Hath No Fury 1986: Linda Thorson
Blacke's Magic: It's a Jungle Out There 1986: Patrick Macnee
Sunday Sunday 1986: Patrick Macnee
The Two Ronnies 1986: Joanna Lumley
Mary, Beans 1986: Patrick Macnee
Blind Justice 1986: Linda Thorson
Club Med 1986: Patrick Macnee
Held in Trust 1986: Diana Rigg
Call Me Mister: The Carve Up 1986: Patrick Newell
Snow White 1986-1987: Honor Blackman
'Tales from the Darkside': Auld Acquaintances 1987: Linda Thorson
Wogan 1987: Honor Blackman & Patrick Macnee
Dynasty: The Birthday / The Test 1987: Linda Thorson
Snow White 1987: Diana Rigg
Marblehead Manor 1987: Linda Thorson
Desert Island Discs 1987: Joanna Lumley
A Hazard Of Hearts 1987: Diana Rigg
Give Us a Clue 1987: Gareth Hunt
LBC - Celebrity Interview 1987: Diana Rigg
3-2-1 1987: Gareth Hunt
Emu's Wide World 1987: Gareth Hunt
Crossbow: The Bet 1987: Honor Blackman
Wogan 1987: Diana Rigg
Crossbow: The Impostor 1987: Patrick Newell
Down Under 1987: Patrick Macnee
Follies 1987: Diana Rigg
Waxwork 1988: Patrick Macnee
It Couldn't Happen Here 1988: Gareth Hunt
Murphy's Law: Do Someone a Favor and It Becomes Your Job 1988: Patrick Macnee
TellyCon 2 1988: interview Linda Thorson
Good Morning Britain 1988: Patrick Macnee
A Chorus of Disapproval 1988: Gareth Hunt
The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Survival of the Fittest 1988: Patrick Macnee
Transformations 1988: Patrick Macnee
The Lady and the Highwayman 1989: Gareth Hunt
Good Day! 1989: Patrick Macnee
Empty Nest: The More Things Change... 1989: Linda Thorson
Lobster Man from Mars 1989: Patrick Macnee
Mother Love 1989: Diana Rigg
Blankety Blank 1989: Linda Thorson & Patrick Macnee
Masque of the Red Death 1989: Patrick Macnee
Wogan with Joanna Lumley 1989: Joanna Lumley & David McCallum
Wogan with Joanna Lumley 1989: Joanna Lumley, Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali & George Foreman
Around the World in 80 Days 1989: Patrick Macnee
Shirley Valentine 1989: Joanna Lumley
The Return of Sam McCloud 1989: Patrick Macnee
The Morning Exchange 1989: Patrick Macnee
War of the Worlds: Epiphany 1989: Patrick Macnee
The Search for Haunted Hollywood 1989: Patrick Macnee
One Life to Live 1989-1992: Linda Thorson
Happy Birthday, Coronation Street! 1990: Joanna Lumley
Instant Recall 1990: Diana Rigg, Patrick Macnee & Brian Clemens
Monsters: A New Woman 1990: Linda Thorson
Grottmorden 1990: Gareth Hunt
A Ghost in Monte Carlo 1990: Joanna Lumley & Gareth Hunt
This Is Your Life: Peter Cushing 1990: Joanna Lumley
The Castle of Adventure 1990: Gareth Hunt
The Ray Bradbury Theater: Usher II 1990: Patrick Macnee
Super Force 1990-1992: Patrick Macnee
Without Walls / Avenging the Avengers 1990 / 2000: Honor Blackman, Diana Rigg, Linda Thorson & Patrick Macnee
The Upper Hand 1990-1996: Honor Blackman
Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady 1991: Patrick Macnee
Wogan 1991: Joanna Lumley
P.S.I. Luv U 1991: Patrick Macnee
An Actor's Life for Me: I Can Do That 1991: Gareth Hunt
Plunder 1991: Joanna Lumley
The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw 1991: Patrick Macnee
A Perfect Hero 1991: Joanna Lumley
Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris 1992: Diana Rigg
Dream On: B.S. Elliot 1992: Patrick Macnee
Lovejoy 1992: Joanna Lumley
Coach, Dresswreckers 1992: Patrick Macnee
Continentales 1992: Diana Rigg
Murder, She Wrote: The Dead File 1992: Patrick Macnee
Running Delilah 1992: Diana Rigg
Destination séries: The Avengers 1992: Patrick Macnee
Absolutely Fabulous 1992-2011: Joanna Lumley
The Full Wax 1992-1994: Joanna Lumley
Side by Side 1992-1993: Gareth Hunt
Road to Avonlea: The Disappearance 1993: Diana Rigg
Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Chase 1993: Linda Thorson
This is Your Life - Lynda Bellingham 1993: Gareth Hunt
Cluedo series 4 1993: Joanna Lumley
Genghis Cohn 1993: Diana Rigg
Tropical Heat: The Last of the Magnificent 1993: Linda Thorson
Jack's Place: Faithful Henry 1993: Patrick Macnee
Sacrée soirée 1993: Linda Thorson & Patrick Macnee
La fièvre de l'après-midi 1993: Linda Thorson & Patrick Macnee
Riders 1993: Gareth Hunt
The Hound of London 1993: Patrick Macnee
This Morning 1993: Diana Rigg
This Is Your Life - Honor Blackman 1993: Honor Blackman & Patrick Macnee
Saturday Zoo 1993: Joanna Lumley
The Hypnotic World of Paul McKenna 1993-1994: Gareth Hunt
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: Dragonswing I & II 1993-1994: Patrick Macnee
You Bet! 1993-1994: Gareth Hunt
Thunder in Paradise 1994: Patrick Macnee
The Brian Conley Show 1994: Gareth Hunt
Girl Friday 1994: Joanna Lumley
E.N.G.: Before the Axe 1994: Linda Thorson
Class Act 1994: Joanna Lumley
London Tonight 1994: Joanna Lumley & Gareth Hunt
This Morning 1994: Diana Rigg & Joanna Lumley
A Good Man in Africa 1994: Diana Rigg
In the Psychiatrist's Chair 1994: Joanna Lumley
The Detectives: Rear Window 1994: Gareth Hunt
The Snow Queen 1994: Diana Rigg
Sooty & Co: Speedy Sweep 1994: Gareth Hunt
The Good Sex Guide 1994: Honor Blackman
Call My Bluff 1994: Joanna Lumley
The Little Picture Show 1994: Gareth Hunt
Noel's House Party 1994: Honor Blackman
Bygones 1994: Linda Thorson
Mysteries, Magic and Miracles 1994-1995: Patrick Macnee
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: Laurie's Friend & Requiem 1994 & 1996: Linda Thorson
Cold Comfort Farm 1995: Joanna Lumley
In Search of James Bond with Jonathan Ross 1995: Honor Blackman
This is Your Life - June Whitfield 1995: Honor Blackman & Joanna Lumley
Danielle Steel's Zoya 1995: Diana Rigg
Innocent Lies 1995: Joanna Lumley
The Avengers: The Journey Back 1995: Patrick Macnee
Late Show with David Letterman 1995: Joanna Lumley
The Haunting of Helen Walker 1995: Diana Rigg
Mother Courage and her Children 1995: Diana Rigg
Paul Daniels's Secrets 1995: Honor Blackman
The Forgotten Toys 1995, 1998: Joanna Lumley
Videoclip Oasis: 'Don't Look Back In Anger' 1996: Patrick Macnee
Good Grief Moncrieff! 1996: Gareth Hunt
The Girlie Show 1996: Joanna Lumley
James and the Giant Peach 1996: Joanna Lumley
Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film 1996: Patrick Macnee
Upstairs Downstairs Remembered: 25th Anniversary 1996: Gareth Hunt
The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Moll Flanders 1996: Diana Rigg
The 10th Annual American Comedy Awards 1996: Joanna Lumley
Roseanne: Satan Darling 1996: Joanna Lumley
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 1996: Diana Rigg
An Audience With Sooty 1996: Gareth Hunt
Samson and Delilah 1996: Diana Rigg
One Foot in the Past 1997: Patrick Macnee
Ghost Stories 1997: Patrick Macnee
Diagnosis Murder: Discards 1997: Patrick Macnee
Prince Valiant 1997: Joanna Lumley
Face to Face 1997: Diana Rigg
Fierce Creatures 1997: Gareth Hunt
Joanna Lumley in the Kingdom of The Thunder Dragon 1997: Joanna Lumley
Spy Game 1997: Patrick Macnee
This Morning 1997: Patrick Macnee
The Tale of Sweeney Todd 1997: Joanna Lumley
The Mrs. Merton Show 1997: Joanna Lumley
Light Lunch 1997: Joanna Lumley
F/X: The Series: Medea 1997: Linda Thorson
Rebecca 1997: Diana Rigg
The New Adventures of Robin Hood: Your Land Is My Land 1997: Gareth Hunt
The Clive James Show 1997: Patrick Macnee
Another Audience with Freddie Starr 1997: Gareth Hunt
Good Stuff 1997: Patrick Macnee
Tale of the Mummy 1998: Honor Blackman
Late Night with Conan O'Brien 1998: Patrick Macnee
A Rather English Marriage 1998: Joanna Lumley
The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries 1998 - 1999: Diana Rigg
Morning Becomes Eclectic 1998: Patrick Macnee
The American 1998: Diana Rigg
French and Saunders: Titanic 1998: Joanna Lumley
The Incredible Adventures of Marco Polo 1998: Gareth Hunt
Close Up: Ted Hughes Force of Nature 1998: Diana Rigg
Coming Home 1998: Joanna Lumley
Roswell Top Secret 1998: Patrick Macnee
Emily of New Moon 1998 -1999: Linda Thorson
Dr. Willoughby 1999: Joanna Lumley
Parting Shots 1999: Diana Rigg & Joanna Lumley
Comic Relief: Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death 1999: Joanna Lumley
Parkinson 1999: Diana Rigg
To Walk with Lions 1999: Honor Blackman
Parkinson 1999: Joanna Lumley
Mad Cows 1999: Joanna Lumley
Nancherrow 1999: Joanna Lumley
Harry and the Wrinklies 1999-2002: Gareth Hunt
The Brian Conley Show 2000: Diana Rigg
Maybe Baby 2000: Joanna Lumley
Ireland AM 2000: Joanna Lumley
The Sight 2000: Honor Blackman
Mirrorball 2000: Joanna Lumley
Top Ten TV - Sex Bombs 2001: Diana Rigg, Linda Thorson, Honor Blackman, Patrick Macnee & Brian Clemens
'Dr. Terrible's House of Horrible: Lesbian Vampire Lovers of Lust' 2001: Honor Blackman
The Cat's Meow 2001: Joanna Lumley
Night & Day 2001 - 2003: Gareth Hunt
Victoria & Albert 2001: Diana Rigg
Bridget Jones's Diary 2001: Honor Blackman
Frasier, The Show Must Go Off 2001: Patrick Macnee
EastEnders 2001: Gareth Hunt
The Armando Iannucci Shows: Mortality 2001: Honor Blackman
Law & Order: Possession 2001: Linda Thorson
Up in Town 2002: Joanna Lumley
Viva! Not In My Name 2002: Joanna Lumley
Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story 2001: Honor Blackman
Videoclip Sneaker Pimps: 'Loretta Young Silks' 2002: Honor Blackman
Half Past Dead 2002: Linda Thorson
BBC Radio 4, Woman's Hour 2002: Honor Blackman
James Bond - A BAFTA Tribute 2002: Honor Blackman
Partners in Crime 2002: Brian Clemens & Laurie Johnson
'Absolute Power: Country Life' 2003: Gareth Hunt
'Murder in Mind: Suicide' 2003: Diana Rigg
The Low Budget Time Machine 2003: Patrick Macnee
Midsomer Murders, A Talent for Life 2003: Honor Blackman
'My Dad's the Prime Minister: The School Play' 2003: Joanna Lumley
The Royal 2003: Honor Blackman
BBC Radio Wiltshire 2004: Linda Thorson
BBC Radio 4 2004: interview Diana Rigg
Top Gear 2004: Joanna Lumley
Ella Enchanted 2004: Joanna Lumley
Euro Trip 2004: Joanna Lumley
Marple: The Body in the Library 2004: Joanna Lumley
Revolver 2004: Honor Blackman
Standing Room Only 2004: Joanna Lumley
The Saturday Play: She Fell Among Thieves 2004: Honor Blackman
Touch Of Pink 2004: Linda Thorson
Unlocking DaVinci's Code 2004: Patrick Macnee
Remembering Battlestar Galactica 2004: Patrick Macnee
Straight Into Darkness 2004: Linda Thorson
TV's Greatest Cars 2004: Patrick Macnee
A Savage Life in Fashion 2004: Joanna Lumley
Coronation Street 2004: Honor Blackman
Documentaire Avengers Must See TV 2005: Honor Blackman, Linda Thorson, Patrick Macnee, Peter Bowles, Brian Clemens, Don Leaver
Documentaire The Avengers Revisited 2005: Honor Blackman, Diana Rigg, Linda Thorson, Joanna Lumley, Gareth Hunt, Patrick Macnee, Brian Clemens, John Bates
After They Were Famous: Crime-Fighters 2005: Patrick Macnee
ITV 50 Greatest Shows 2005: Honor Blackman, Patrick Macnee & Richard Bates
Kortfilm: 'Two's Company' 2005: Gareth Hunt
BBC Radio Wiltshire 2005: Laurie Johnson
New Tricks, 2.4 2005: Honor Blackman
Crumpet - A Very British Sex Symbol 2005: Honor Blackman
The Heaven and Earth Show 2005: Joanna Lumley
Final Chance to Save: Orangutans with Joanna Lumley 2005: Joanna Lumley
The Magic Roundabout 2005: Joanna Lumley
Corpse Bride 2005: Joanna Lumley
The Kumars at No. 42 2005: Joanna Lumley
Time Shift: Fantasy Sixties 2005: Brian Clemens
Colour Me Kubrick 2005: Honor Blackman
The Story of ITV: The People's Channel, Drama 2005: Honor Blackman & Brian Clemens
Sensitive Skin 2005 & 2007: Joanna Lumley
BBC Radio 4, Woman's Hour 2006: Diana Rigg
Extras 2006: Diana Rigg
Jam & Jerusalem 2006: Joanna Lumley
Emmerdale 2006 - 2007: Linda Thorson
The Painted Veil 2006: Diana Rigg
New Tricks, 3.6 2006: Gareth Hunt
Vital Signs 2006: Linda Thorson
Honour 2006: Diana Rigg
TV's 50 Greatest Stars 2006: Joanna Lumley, Gareth Hunt, Brian Clemens
Silent Witness, Body of Work 2006: Linda Thorson
Radio 4 Appeal 2006, 2009: Diana Rigg
Max Havoc: Ring of Fire 2006: Linda Thorson
Nine News RTÉ 2007: Joanna Lumley
Tubridy Tonight 2007: Joanna Lumley
A Bucket o' French and Saunders 2007: Joanna Lumley
'4 miljoenste Land Rover - Born Free' 2007: Joanna Lumley
Empire’s Children 2007: Diana Rigg
The Graham Norton Show 2007: Joanna Lumley
Inside Soap Awards 2007: Linda Thorson
Parkinson 2007: Joanna Lumley
100 Greatest Sex Symbols 2007: Joanna Lumley
BBC Breakfast 2007: Joanna Lumley
This Morning 2007: Linda Thorson
Desert Island Discs 2007: Joanna Lumley
The Friday Night Project (2007): Joanna Lumley
The Riddle 2007: Gareth Hunt
Happy Birthday BAFTA 2007: Joanna Lumley
BBC Learning English 2007: Joanna Lumley
All About My Mother 2007: Diana Rigg
The Verdict 2007: Honor Blackman
BBC Radio 4: Midweek 2007: Diana Rigg
How TV Changed Britain: Women 2008: Honor Blackman
Janice Forsyth Show, BBC Radio Scotland 2008: Linda Thorson
Ian Fleming - Where Bond Began 2008: Joanna Lumley
Al Murray's Happy Hour 2008: Joanna Lumley
Joanna Lumley in the Land of the Northern Lights 2008: Joanna Lumley
The South Bank Show: Bond 2008: Honor Blackman
Drama Trails: From Footballer's Wives to Brideshead Revisited 2008: Brian Clemens
Market Kitchen 2008: Honor Blackman
The New Paul O'Grady Show 2008: Johnny Dankworth
A Good Read 2008: Diana Rigg
Loose Women 2008: Honor Blackman
The Paul O'Grady Show 2008: Diana Rigg
Surviving Midsomer: An Insider's Guide 2008: Honor Blackman
Style on Trial - 1960s 2009: John Bates
Hotel Babylon 2009: Honor Blackman
The Andrew Marr Show 2009: Joanna Lumley
The Paul O'Grady Show 2009: Joanna Lumley
The One Show 2009: Joanna Lumley
No Room For Secrets 2009: Joanna Lumley
Interview WCCO: The Importance of Being Earnest 2009: Linda Thorson
The Paul O'Grady Show 2009: Honor Blackman
Friday Night with Jonathan Ross 2009: Joanna Lumley
Jonathan Ross BBC Radio 2 2009: Honor Blackman
Broadcasting House 2009: Diana Rigg
The Paul O'Grady Show 2009: Honor Blackman & Linda Thorson
Comic Relief: Mamma Mia! The Movie 2009: Joanna Lumley
James May's Toy Stories: Plasticine 2009: Joanna Lumley
The Pride of Britain Awards 2009: Joanna Lumley
Joanna Lumley: Catwoman 2009: Joanna Lumley
BBC Radio 4 Front Row 2009: Joanna Lumley
Lewis: Counter Culture Blues 2009: Joanna Lumley
BBC Radio Five Simon Mayo 2009: Joanna Lumley
Boogie Woogie 2009: Joanna Lumley
Dennis Spooner - Wanna Write a Television Series? 2009: Brian Clemens
Girls! Girls! Girls! - The 1960s 2009: Honor Blackman
GMTV 2009: Joanna Lumley
The Man Who Shot the Sixties 2010: Joanna Lumley
The Alan Titchmarsh Show 2010: Honor Blackman
Daily Politics 2010: Diana Rigg
Tickets for Troops 2010: Joanna Lumley
Radio 3 Private Passions Opera 2010: Joanna Lumley
The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side 2010: Joanna Lumley
The National Television Awards 2010: Joanna Lumley
BBC Radio 2, The Chris Evans Breakfast Show 2010: Honor Blackman
Joanna Lumley’s Nile 2010: Joanna Lumley
Justin Lee Collins: Good Times 2010: Joanna Lumley
This Morning 2010: Joanna Lumley
La Bête 2010: Joanna Lumley
Radio 4 Appeal 2010: Joanna Lumley
Norman Wisdom: His Story 2010: Honor Blackman
The Graham Norton Show 2010: Joanna Lumley
The Michael Ball Show 2010: Joanna Lumley
Mistresses 2010: Joanna Lumley
BBC Radio 2 Steve Wright in the Afternoon 2010: Joanna Lumley
Will 2010: Linda Thorson
Reuniting the Rubins 2010: Honor Blackman
The Wendy Williams Show 2010: Joanna Lumley
Committed 2011: Linda Thorson
Flashpoint: Through a Glass Darkly 2011: Linda Thorson
Wogan on Wodehouse 2011: Joanna Lumley
Comic Relief: Uptown Downstairs Abbey 2011: Joanna Lumley
Loose Women 2011: Honor Blackman
That Sunday Night Show 2011: Honor Blackman
Celebrity Antiques Road Trip 2011: Honor Blackman
This Morning 2011: Joanna Lumley
Mark Lawson Talks to Diana Rigg 2011: Diana Rigg
The Alan Titchmarsh Show 2011: Honor Blackman
Joanna Lumley’s Greek Odyssey 2011: Joanna Lumley
Night Waves 2011: Brian Clemens, Honor Blackman
Come Fly with Me: The Story of Pan Am 2011: Honor Blackman
The Unforgettable Norman Wisdom 2011: Honor Blackman
Joanna Lumley on Broadway 2011: Joanna Lumley
Love Stories: A Voice From The Past 2011: Joanna Lumley
The One Show 2011: Joanna Lumley
Perspectives, David Walliams, The Genius of Dahl 2012: Joanna Lumley
James Bond 50th Anniversary Gala Concert 2012: Honor Blackman
British Legends of Stage and Screen 2012; Diana Rigg
This Morning 2012: Joanna Lumley
The Lark Ascending 2012: Diana Rigg
Cockneys vs Zombies 2012: Honor Blackman
Saving Hope: Out of Sight 2012: Linda Thorson
Alan Carr Chatty Man 2013: Joanna Lumley
Doctor Who: The Crimson Horror 2013: Diana Rigg
The One Show 2013: Honor Blackman
Radio Nostalgie interview Linda Thorson 2013: Linda Thorson
The One Show 2013: Joanna Lumley
BBC Radio Solent, Katie Martin 2013: Honor Blackman
Loose Women 2013: Joanna Lumley
By Any Means 2013: Honor Blackman
Jonathan Creek:  The Clue of the Savant's Thumb 2013: Joanna Lumley
The Michael McIntyre Chat Show 2014: Joanna Lumley
Professor Branestawm Returns 2015: Diana Rigg
Detectorists 2015: Diana Rigg
VE Day: Remembering Victory 2015: Honor Blackman
CBS News Sunday Morning: On Broadway 2018: Diana Rigg