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'Promotieclip Linda Thorson' (1968)

Sample clip
In 1968 werd een promotieclip opgenomen om Linda Thorson te introduceren als het nieuwe Wrekers meisje. In de clip zijn verschillende fragmenten uit de eerste Tara King afleveringen te zien. Patrick Macnee praatte het geheel aan elkaar. Hieronder volgt de Engelse tekst.

Patrick Macnee: “Linda Thorson a girl who’s going places fast. A girl to watch closely, a girl with her own special way of doing things, she is different she’s dynamite! Dangerous or endangered, handle with care, Linda Thorson alias Tara King, she’s full of surprises. Of course she still has much to learn, but not that much. She has that gentle feminine touch, men go overboard for her, men fall for her because she has that certain way with them, she puts them in a spin, stop some cake in their tracks. She’s cool; she has a new view on things. You’ll be seeing her like this and this and like this a bright new star with life and possessed for living. Linda Thorson as Tara King, I take my hat of to her. Linda Thorson living her role of Tara King in ‘The Avengers’, she’s coming your way!”
Linda Thorson als Tara King
Linda Thorson als Tara King
Linda Thorson als Tara King
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