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Gastacteurs en actrices: S
 Norman Scace
Lobster Quadrille: Dr. Stannage
What the Butler Saw: Reeves
 Katherine Schofield
The Cybernauts: Oyuka
 Angela Scoular
Super Secret Cypher Snatch: Myra
 Athene Seyler
Build a Better Mousetrap: Cynthia
Man-Eater of Surrey Green: Dr. Sheldon
 John Sharp
Traitor in Zebra: Rankin
Murdersville: Prewitt
Bizarre: Jonathan Jupp
 Douglas Sheldon
The Forget-Me-Knot: Brad
 Deanna Shendery
Propellant 23: Verkoopster
 Leon Sinden
What the Butler Saw: Squadron Leader Hogg
 Nicholas Smith
Escape in Time: Parker
Super Secret Cypher Snatch: Lather
 Jayne Sofiano
Split!: Petra
Paul Stassino
The Decapod: Yakob Borb
Tony Steedman
The Little Wonders: Beardmore
False Witness: Sir Joseph
Gordon Sterne
House of Cards: Vasil
 Ronnie Stevens
Death at Bargain Prices: Glynn
John Stone
The Secrets Broker: Frederick Paignton
The Joker: majoor George Fancy
The Rotters: -
 Geoffrey Summer
Something Nasty in the Nursery: Generaal Wilmot
 William Swan
Mission to Montreal: Steward
Ann Sydney
The Winged Avenger: Gerda
Frederick Schiller
Propellant 23: Jules Meyer
 Alex Scott
Square Root of Evil: The Cardinal
Too Many Christmas Trees: Martin Trasker
Game: Averman
 Steven Scott
One for the Mortuary: Hotel Concierge
Dragonsfield: Boris
Second Sight: Dr. Vilner
Split!: Boris Kartovski
 George Selway
Death at Bargain Prices: Massey
Harry Shacklock
A Change of Bait: Charlie
The Mauritius Penny: Peckham
Man-Eater of Surrey Green: Professor Knight
Thingumajig: Bill
Vladek Sheybal
Cat Amongst the Pigeons: Zarcardi
 Nicole Shelby
Mission...Highly Improbable: Brunette
 Barbara Shelley
Dragonsfield: Susan Summers
From Venus With Love: Venus
 Ina Skriver
House of Cards: Olga
Gerald Sim
The Radioactive Man: Dr. Graham
Mission to Montreal: Budge
The Wringer: Lovell
Dial a Deadly Number: Frederick Yuill
The Rotters: Kenneth
The Lion and the Unicorn: Minister
 Campbell Singer
Six Hands Across A Table: George Stanley
Who's Who???: Major 'B'
 Valerie Stanton
The Decapod: Cigarette girl
Jeannette Sterke
Too Many Christmas Trees: Janice Crane
Nigel Stock
Concerto: Zalenko
A Sense of History: Richard Carlyon
 Kevin Stoney
Mission...Highly Improbable: Sir Gerald Bancroft
Cat Amongst the Pigeons: Tomkins
 Donald Sutherland
The Superlative Seven: Jessel
 Dudley Sutton
You'll Catch Your Death: Dexter
  Peter Swanwick
Legacy of Death: Oppenheimer
 David Swift
What the Butler Saw: Barber
The Midas Touch: Turner
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