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Gastacteurs en actrices: W
 Joanna Wake
Silent Dust: Miss Snow
 Desmond Walter-Ellis
Game: Manager
 Georgina Ward
The Master Minds: Davinia Todd
 Kenneth J. Warren
Girl on the Trapeze: Zibbo
Intercrime: Felder
The Little Wonders: Fingers
Epic: Z.Z. Von Schnerk
 Jack Watson
Silent Dust: Juggins
The Living Dead: Hopper
 John Wentworth
Six Hands Across A Table: Charles Reniston
The Master Minds: Sir Jeremy
 Lionel Wheeler
Super Secret Cypher Snatch: Tweede wacht
 Paul Whitsun-Jones
Man With Two Shadows: Charles
The Wringer: Charles
Room Without A View: Chessman
Fog: Sanders
 Alister Williamson
Hot Snow: Det-Supt. Wilson
Brought to Book: Det-Supt. Wilson
The Living Dead: Tom
Anneke Wills
Dressed to Kill: Pussy Cat
The £50,000 Breakfast: Judy
 Barry Wilsher
Propellant 23: Pierre
 Vic Wise
Square Root of Evil: Jackie Warren
Legacy of Death: Slattery
Hilary Wontner
Silent Dust: Minister
The Winged Avenger: Dumayn
 Terence Woodfield
Mission to Montreal: Journalist
School for Traitors: Green
 Catherine Woodville
Hot Snow: Peggy
Propellant 23: Laure
Eric Woofe
The £50,000 Breakfast: Eerste assistent
Tony Wright
Whoever Shot Poor George Oblique Stroke XR40?: Keller
Peter Wyngarde
A Touch of Brimstone: John Cartney
Epic: Stewart Kirby
Norman Wynne
The Thirteenth Hole: Professor Minley
Bill Wallis
A Touch of Brimstone: Tubby Bunn
The Positive Negative Man: Charles Grey
 Hugh Walters
Cat Amongst the Pigeons: Lewington
 Thorley Walters
What the Butler Saw: Hemming
 Barry Warren
Too Many Christmas Trees: Jeremy Wade
False Witness: Melville
Russell Waters
Castle De'Ath: Controleur
Thingumajig: Pike
 Moray Watson
The Danger Makers: Peters
 Robin Wentworth
Bullseye: Foreman
 Jerold Wells
The Eagle's Nest: Barker
Gordon Whiting
The Golden Eggs: De Leon
The Cybernauts: Hammond
 Brian Wilde
The Fear Merchants: Raven
 Jeremy Wilkin
House of Cards: Tulliver
Medium Rare: Richards
 Jerome Willis
Intercrime: Lobb
How to Succeed....at Murder: Joshua Rudge
The Rotters: George
Douglas Wilmer
The Danger Makers: Dr. Harold Long
Manning Wilson
The Master Minds: Major Plessy
Frank Windsor
Whoever Shot Poor George Oblique Stroke XR40?: Tobin
 John Wood
The Bird Who Knew Too Much: Twitter
 John Woodnutt
Quick-Quick Slow Death: Kapitein Noble
 John Woodvine
Dead of Winter: Harry
The Murder Market: Robert Stone
Look - ... But There Were These Two Fellers...: Seagrave
 Jack Woolgar
The Living Dead: Hermit
 Michael Wynne
The House That Jack Built: Withers
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