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Gastacteurs en actrices: J
 Brian Jackson
Toy Trap: Johnnie
Cat Amongst the Pigeons: Controller
Gordon Jackson
Castle De'Ath: Ian De'Ath
 Lawrence James
Noon Doomsday: Cornwall
Robert James
Hot Snow: Ronnie Vance
Brought to Book: Ronnie Vance
Death à la Carte: Mellor
Too Many Christmas Trees: Jenkins
Look - ... But There Were These Two Fellers...: Merlin
Peter Jeffrey
Room Without A View: Varnals
The Joker: Prendergast
Game: Bristow
House of Cards: Perov
William Job
Man-Eater of Surrey Green: Alan Carter
False Witness: Lord Edgefield
Freddie Jones
Who's Who???: Basil
 Stratford Johns
The Frighteners: Sir Thomas Waller
Legacy of Death: Sidney
Langton Jones
Murdersville: Chapman
Yootha Joyce
Something Nasty in the Nursery: Miss Lister
Frederick Jaeger
Death of a Great Dane: Getz
The Cybernauts: Benson
Return of the Cybernauts: Benson
Target: Jones
Colin Jeavons
A Touch of Brimstone: Lord Darcy
The Winged Avenger: Stanton
 Peter Jesson
False Witness: Penman
Edward Jewesbury
The Mauritius Penny: Maitland
Mervyn Johns
Too Many Christmas Trees: Brandon Storey
Medium Rare: Oude man
 Griffith Jones
Noon Doomsday: Sir Rodney Baines
Joanna Jones
The Correct Way to Kill: Hilda
All Done with Mirrors: Pandora
Peter Jones
The Thirteenth Hole: Adams
The Curious Case of the Countless Clues: Doyle
John Junkin
Dressed to Kill: Sherrif
Never, Never Say Die: Sergant

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