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Seizoen 7: The New Avengers (1976 - 1977)
  1. The Eagle's Nest
  2. House of Cards
  3. The Last of the Cybernauts
  4. The Midas Touch
  5. Cat Amongst the Pigeons
  6. Target
  7. To Catch a Rat
  8. Tale of the Big Why
  9. Faces
  10. Gnaws
  11. Dirtier by the Dozen
  12. Sleeper
  13. Three-Handed Game
  1. Dead Men Are Dangerous
  2. Angels of Death
  3. Medium Rare
  4. The Lion and the Unicorn
  5. Obsession
  6. Trap
  7. Hostage
  8. K is for Kill: The Tiger Awakes
  9. K is for Kill: Tiger By the Tail
  10. Complex
  11. Forward Base
  12. The Gladiators
  13. Emily


Volledige credits: Franse productie (178, 182 & 183)
Production Manager: Philippe Lefebvre
Assistant Director: Jean-Claude Garcia
Continuity: Elaine Baum, Pat Rambaut
Casting: Mamade
Production Designer: Daniel Budin
Unit Manager: Patrick Danon
Location Manager: Ginette Mejinsky
Wardrobe Mistress: Jacky Budin
Fashion Coordinators: Jillie Murphey, Betty Jackson
Lighting Cameraman: Gilbert Sarthre
Camera Operator: Malcolm Vinson
Make-up: Paul le Marinel, Alan Boyle
Hairdresser: Mark Nelson
2nd Unit Director: Jean-Michel Lacor
Editor: Alan Killick
Sound Recordists: Paul LeMare, Ken Barker
Dubbing Mixers: Jack Knight, Mike Hopkins
Post Production Supervisor: Paul Clay
(cast: zie individuele episodes)

Volledige credits: Britse productie (162 - 177, 179 - 181)
Produced byAlbert Fennell & Brian Clemens
Music byLaurie Johnson
Production Supervisor: Ron Fry
Unit Manager: Robert Fennel
Assistant Directors: Ron Purdue, Roger Simmons
Continuity: Reneé Glynne, Pat Rambaut
Location Manager: Nicholas Gillott
Casting Director: Maggie Carter
Production Designer: Syd Cain
Art Director: Robert Bell
Set Dresser: Simon Wakefield
Construction Manager: Leon Davis
Wardrobe Supervisor: Jackie Cummins
Director of Photography: Jimmy Allen
Lighting Cameramen: Mike Reed, Ernie Steward, Iam Wilson
Camera Operators: Jimmy Devis, Malcolm Vinson
Make-up: Alan Boyle, Alan Brownie, Peter Robb King
Hairdressing: Helen Bevan, Joyce James
Editors: Graeme Clifford, Ralph Sheldon
Sound Recordists: Dennis Whitlock, Paul LeMare, Ken Barker, Danny Daniel
Dubbing Editors: Peter Lennard, Bob Dearberg, Mike Hopkins
Post Production Coordinator: Paul Clay
Story Editors: Bob Dearberg, Graeme Clifford, Eric Wraite, Alan Killick,
Ralph Sheldon
Fight ArrangersRay Austin, Joe Dunne, Cyd Child
Fashion Coordinators: Catherine Buckley, Jennifer Hocking
(cast: zie individuele episodes)

Volledige credits: Canadese productie (184 - 187)
Producers: Hugh Harlow, Ross McLean, Jim Hanley
Associate Producer: Ron Frye
Production Managers: Don Buschbaum, Samuel Jephcott
Assistant Directors: Ian McDougall, Tony Lucibello
Continuity: Diane Parsons, Susan David
Casting Director: Karen Hazzard
Production Designers: Seamus Flannery, Daniel Budin
Assistant Art Directors: Keith Pepper, Mary Jane Grant, Tina Boden
Wardrobe: Linda Kemp, Judy Gellman
Director of Photography: Henry Fiks, Dennis Miller
Second Unit Directors: Colin Smith, Rene Bonniere, Peter Rowe
Second Unit DOP: Karol Ike, Robert Fresco
Sound Recordists: Ken Barker, Bill Rowe, Ken Schrivener
Dubbing Editors: Jack Knight, Peter Keen
Hairdresser: Malcolm Tanner
Stunt Coordinators: Val Musetti, Dwayne McLean
Special Effects: Allan Bryce
Coordinating ProducerRay Austin
(cast: zie individuele episodes)

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