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Gastacteurs en actrices: F
Rio Fanning
Dead Man's Treasure: Danvers
False Witness: Lane
Royston Farrell
The Girl from Auntie: Marshall
Michael Faure
Death's Door: Pavret
Fred Ferris
Bullseye: Inspector
Brief for Murder: Marsh
Robert Flemying
You Have Just Been Murdered: Lord Maxted
To Catch a Rat: Quaintance
Karen Ford
Never, Never Say Die: Verpleegster
Michael Forrest
Death Dispatch: Rico
The Hidden Tiger: Peters
William Fox
The Winged Avenger: Simon Roberts
 Derek Francis
House of Cards: De Bisschop
John Franklyn-Robbins
The Cybernauts: Gilbert
Ronald Fraser
The Gravediggers: Sir Horace Winslip
Liz Frazer
The Girl from Auntie: Georgie Price-Jones
Lynne Furlong
The Decapod: Edna Ramsden
Derek Farr
Man-Eater of Surrey Green: Sir Lyle Peterson
The Eagle's Nest: Father Trasker
Trader Faulkner
Propellant 23: Jacques Tissot
Sheila Fearn
Murdersville: Jenny
Edwin Finn
Man-Eater of Surrey Green: Professor Taylor
 Martin Fisk
The Last of the Cybernauts...?: Tweede wacht
Eric Flynn
Murdersville: Croft
 Ronald Forfar
The Eagle's Nest: Jud
John Forgham
The Murder Market: Beale
Dudley Foster
The Hour That Never Was: Philip Leas
Something Nasty in the Nursery: Mr. Goat
Wish You Were Here: Parker
William Franklyn
Silent Dust: Omrod
Killer: Brinstead
Hostage: McKay
Bill Fraser
Small Game for Big Hunters: Kol. Rawlings
John Frawley
Bullseye: Reynolds
Mission to Montreal: Passagier
Leslie French
Death of a Great Dane: Gregory
You Have Just Been Murdered: Rathbone

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