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Gastacteurs en actrices: E
Clifford Earl
Escape in Time: Paxton
Super Secret Cypher Snatch: Jarret
Mark Eden
Ashes of Roses: Jacques Beronne
Mission to Montreal: Nicholson
 Ray Edwards
The Midas Touch: Garvin
Sandor Eles
Concerto: Stefan Veliko
The Positive Negative Man: Maurice Jubert
Peter J. Elliott
A Funny Thing Happened...: Attendant
Dead Man's Treasure: Tweede gast
You Have Just Been Murdered: Williams
All Done with Mirrors: Arkin
Have Guns - Will Haggle: Brad
Jonathan Elsom
The See-Through Man: Ackroyd
Killer: Chattell
Clifford Evans
Dial a Deadly Number: Henry Boardman
Death's Door: Sir Andrew Boyd
Whoever Shot Poor George...: Pelley
Paul Eddington
Immortal Clay: Richard Marling
Something Nasty in the Nursery: Beaumont
Dennis Edwards
One for the Mortuary: Pallaine
Death of a Great Dane: Eerste assistent
 Terry Eliot
False Witness: Amanda
Eric Elliott
The Frighteners: -
Death of a Great Dane: Wijnproever
Colin Ellis
Quick-Quick Slow Death: Bernard
Patricia English
Mission to Montreal: Carla Berotti
The Secrets Broker: Marion Howard
Never, Never Say Die: Dr. James
 Tenniel Evans
Please Don't Feed the Animals: Felgate
The Big Thinker: Dr. Hurst
The Golden Fleece: Major Ruse
All Done With Mirrors: Carswell

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