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Seizoen 1: Dr. David Keel (1960 - 1961)
  1. Hot Snow
  2. Brought to Book
  3. Square Root of Evil
  4. Nightmare
  5. Crescent Moon
  6. Girl on the Trapeze
  7. Diamond Cut Diamond
  8. The Radioactive Man
  9. Ashes of Roses
  10. Hunt the Man Down
  11. Please Don't Feed the Animals
  12. Dance with Death
  13. One for the Mortuary
  14. The Springers
  15. The Frighteners
  16. The Yellow Needle
  17. Death on the Slipway
  18. Double Danger
  19. Toy Trap
  20. The Tunnel of Fear
  21. The Far Distant Dead
  22. Kill the King
  23. Dead of Winter
  24. The Deadly Air
  25. A Change of Bait
  26. Dragonsfield

Volledige credits:
Produced by: Leonard White
Music by: Johnny Dankworth
Story Editors: Patrick Brawn & John Bryce
Production Assistant: Barbara Forster
Floor Manager: Patrick Kennedy
Stage Manager: Barbara Sykes
Lighting Director: Peter Kew
Operational Supervisor: Peter Cazaley
Senior Cameraman: Mike Baldock
Sound Supervisor: Mike Roberts
Vision Mixer: Gordon Hesketh
(cast: zie individuele episodes)
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