Scared Stiff.

Build your own eyeball- ball-shooter, and a solution for the boogie-men.

As I added a " Scared Stiff " pinball to my collection, I looked at some websites to find information about this pinball. During this search I came accros the sites of R.Winter ..... and ' Pin Gizmos' ............. and at last the most famous , with a special Scared stiff page ... Marvin ... where interesting additions are presented. Those additions where present when the pinball was developped, but where ommitted at production to cut the costs... As many others I added these features. You need special material and it's only available in the USA. Because there's a lot of things to do before you get them, ordering and sending money, some collectors may hestitate buying it. As I'm handy in making things myself, I presents my solution.


Look around, end of september, begin of october, a lot of Halloween things are being sold. Here in Europe it's just starting in the shops, but already most large shops have special things. I looked around and found a nice package for 4 euro which has two boogie-men.

The halloween package with the green men..

You can paint the eyes red, which will look better....

For the ball-shooter there are two solutions, an easy and a more difficult but better one...

Let's start with the easy solution. You need a table tennis ball, paint, glue ( 2 components ) and a thin red marker.

First paint the eye on the ping pong ball.; this is easy ....(look at the pictures)

To make the blue circel, put a large washer on the ball.. don't forget to put a piece of paper around it to cover the rest of the ball..

The whole in the paper is a bit bigger then the hole in the washer; now use your spray can of paint !!

Ready.. same thing for the black circle, use a smaller washer. To get it right in the middle, mark the middle with a small dot, so you can match the smaller washer perfect.

I used the same paper to cover the ball when painting it black...

The result..

With a red marker I drawn the red lines to finish it. Here you see the schaft of which I removed the knob.


Now make a hole in the back of the ball, large enough to stick the shaft through. Fill the ball with glue.. after a while everything will be fixed and it's ready to put on the pinball ....

To the luxe edition.........