MYSTERY SEA 04 | ea| [öL]


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-"Schroedinger's cat meowing in an atomic cage.
Being in two places at one.
One is quite tangible, present at the distance of sight,
the other cannot be easily located, thus establishing a genuine sonic horizon.
One can no longer tell his inner elusive sounds from the audible surrounding.
Is it the acoustics of a space producing an echo or is it your mind repeating what it has already learned to hear ?
Like mantra uttered selected number of times resonates endlessly loosing its primal shape, a physical place is sipping into one's mental essence, so that you can barely escape the impression of being into one place only.
This sound research made by EA is aimed at revealing a frontier between the perceived and the recalled.
It is you who must find out."

- ea, March 2002.


MYSTERY SEA is proud to present what's probably the very last testimony from polish ea sound-entomologists...
Indeed it has recently been decided to call a halt to this project, yet 2 of the 3 members intend to go on with further explorations under their own name ("Viön & Mem").
From their early beginnings in 1999, ea always used sounds to instigate a profound & spatial listening experience abounding in microsonic details...
gradually, they left their organic dronescapes for more abstract electroacoustic forms incorporating lots of treated field recordings...
öL is kind of a perfect point of intersection between these two inclinations, a subtle enthralling blend...
Entering öL is fathoming a strange spiritual interzone as a "stalker"...
essential fluids and inward resonances combine with soft dreamy ceramic- tinkling reverberations guiding you from start to Somewhere else...
subliminal streams brush against the surface, and at distillation, everything seems elongated, slowed to make us reach higher ground and gain consciousness... mirrored in, endlessly referring back to its origin, refracted and corroded, along a delicate transformatory motion...
öL is clearly a Gate to rediscovery.






VITAL WEEKLY 343|Frans de Waard
With their releases Mystery Sea begins to be one of the more interesting CDR labels which focus on releasing ambient/drone music, mostly of a darker nature.
Their fourth release is by ea, a band from Poland, who has released various works in its homeland, but may be stop working as ea soon - for reasons that I don't know.
Here ea devotes itself to playing prepared guitar and manipulated field recordings. Deep, low end washes on the guitar, drenched, no doubt, in a whole line of sound effects and the environmental recordings, of whatever nature they are (I didn't recognize them anymore) which together create a whole scenery of images.
The strongest was the third, untitled (as all four are) piece, in which the guitar sounds like far away thunder storm, recorded next to sea and the birds humming in the background.
A piece that is not unlike Jim O'Rourke circa Disengage, but ea adds enough of his own palette to avoid the trap of a copycat.
Tense, intense ambient music.

vital weekly

Rated : B+
A limited-edition (100) cd-r further explores the subtly-noisy soundscapes forged by the enigmatic Polish artists.
Four tracks in 58 minutes consist of "manipulated field recordings + prepared guitar", evidenced in the opening track by fidgety activities occurring within a mechanoid rumbledrone as faint tonal haze lingers.
industrial-strength steambath 2 (10:19) sizzles and glares while inscrutably shifty goings-on occur within, tracing erosive textures into the formlessness.
Thinner currents are diffracted throughout the cloudboiling murk of the 3rd track, slowly wavering, rising, falling and eventually thickening into a throbbing morass.
The hovering vapors of similarly-obtuse 4 (19:46) are embedded with tinkling ceramic patterns and billowing subbass emissions which evolve through various inexplicable transformations of muted resonance.
The liner notes intimate that this could be the last outing from Patryk Zackrocki, Viön and Membrana, which would be a shame for fans of such dazzlingly indistinct ear-travels.


INCURSION|Richard di Santo
ea is perhaps an individual, perhaps a trio from Poland.
There are three names listed here : Patryk Zakrocki, Viön and Membrana.
Are these aliases or individuals ? In any case, here is the latest instalment in Mystery Sea's growing catalogue of limited edition CDRs, and like their previous releases this one focuses on the darker side of ambient, deep drone music, here made with manipulated field recordings and prepared guitar.
Four tracks, nearly sixty minutes in length, and not a ray of sunshine to be seen.
ea takes you right through the depths, through dark caverns and bleak industrial basements, the concrete full of cracks and falling apart, the droning machines clouding the silence at every turn. Close, concrete tapping, crackling, striking, rattling sounds punctuate the foreground of otherwise shifting, deep drones and static.
The tracks evolve slowly and create strong moods and atmospheres that engulf the listening space in compelling ways.
The notes here mention that this might be the last release from ea (why, we'll never know), which, after diving deep into their sounds for an hour, seems a pity.


ERP|Krzysztof Sadza
A farewell, as usual enigmatically entitled release from ea and a continuation of their audio-journeys you could find on the previous releases. Remarkably packaged CD-R on Belgium's label Mystery Sea holds four long tracks (playing time ranging between 10 to 20 minutes ), each of which could as well live its own life, also as a separate release.
The edition is limited to 100 copies, but I guess it is likely to be reprinted if only they sell well.
This item is worth buying not only because it's collectable. ea have been regarded as some of the more interesting explorers in the microsound world. The universe where ea acted consisted mostly of field recordings and prepared instruments, e.g. the violin or the guitar.
But it's the ingenuity of manipulation and treatment of sound that gives a peculiar character and feel to ea's works.
There is much of an epitaph in what I'm writing, but listening to "öL" you feel sorry that these are the last cubic kilometers of space by this band we can travel.
Apart from 3D effects you experience the layers of sound mounted on one other - a shifting of huge sound blocks, falling of stardust, subsurface booms, hums, throbs, moments of hush and noisy eruptions.
You can also play in guessing the source of the output material as some of the sounds retained their original character.
Recommended !

DEEP LISTENINGS |Gianluigi Gasparetti
Prepared guitar and field recordings, says the cover. As usual, nobody could imagine or guess it, because of all the filtering and manipulation the sound has been put through: where are the strings? what kind of recording has been made? On which ground? In which ambient? Who do those slow sound waves belong to? Who are the ghosts roaming through fluctuating movements? Whose the steps and the panting breath are? Are they living creatures or just machines dumped on the beach of some remote planet? After terrestrial oceans, Mystery Sea land at the outside space with a fanciful record, which might resemble the thinking ocean in Stanislaw Lem’ ‘Solaris’, the thinking ocean that great Tarkowskij had conceived green and in an enduring electric activity, a liquid, omnipresent brain. Roars and hermetic noises, sounds stolen from cosmos, atonal texture and gloomy sirens place themselves above the silence, and take us up to levels unreachable levels. This is the most experimental, rambling, and highly evocative record in the series, a black hole for the mind, and a further step on the lovecraftian insanity scale.

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