MYSTERY SEA 54| moljebka pvlse | [Aningan]


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- "searching for a reflection in the distance in your eyes. a reflection or into the waters.
where ghost lights run but never to the distance in one of the waters.
we are going to the shore. it is in your eyes. waiting. where ghost lights run, but never to the shore.

where stars fall. let there be a heavenly body falling from years ago. waiting.
a firmament in the grain moon or ghost lights run, but never to the shore. the feeling of many moons.
we are going to see each other again. the house of greenland and west of the distance in the sky.

let there be a firmament in the sea. we are going to see each other again. water divide waters.
we are going to the waters. chasing the pattern is repeated. far away in your eyes. the house of falling.
chasing the grain moon light. east of the pattern is in the sun and repeated. we are going to see each other again.
never to see each other again. sun and west of the house of the shore. the ghost lights.

passing through the stars. a firmament in your eyes. below the sea. an echo from years ago.
the horizon in the moon. east of the waters. we are going to the ship on the shore. the stones.
again and again. searching for a reflection or ghost lights. the long time the mirror. the shore.
after this long time the house of the sea. a reflection in your eyes.

let there be a pattern. we are going to the stars. a reflection or into the distance there be a reflection or ghost lights.
passing through the surface of the surface of the water. searching for a heavenly body falling from years ago.
an echo from the moon. below the pattern is repeated. a reflection in pale moon or into the stones. in the stars fall. a ghost light.

passing through the horizon in the moon. below the stars fall. a ghost lights. sun became sun, the gate after a firmament in the moon."

- Mathias Josefson, August 2009


Already much of a veteran on the experimental music scene, moljebka pvlse, Mathias Josefson's main expression tool, is a project combining field recordings, found sounds & uncluttered guitar motifs tending towards a feeling of elevation... Pupil of the Royal University College of Fine Arts in Stockholm, Mathias has slowly nurtured his sound art with his learnings. With an extensive curriculum of releases on an array of labels like : Cold Meat Industry, Eibon, Segerhuva, Some Place Else, Lona, Gears Of Sand, Fin De Siècle Média, Taâlem, Drone, Mystery Sea and his own imprint Isoramara, moljebka pvlse has also a long history of worldwide live performances (USA, Canada, Ukraine, Poland, Slovenia, Finland, Sweden, The Netherlands, France, Germany etc...)...

Aningan” is the first sequel to be released on MS, a broadening revisitation of its theme, yet a complete new entity...


Again, on an ageless shore
embracing the unfurling horizon,
letting it sink within us as a symbiotic flow...

Far, weightless on the open sea,
our uncertainties drift away
like a wind murmur...

As small particles,
we float, now cohering, now coming apart...

In the revering din of silence,
we remain numb, motionless, subjugated to Magnitude...

Aningan” is a return diary,
a narration of the irremediable attraction of the primer source...


01. Aningan  -




Adrift on the Mystery Sea is always a wonderful place to be and when it's in the company of a musician as masterful in his conception and execution as Moljebka Pvlse's Matthias Josefson it makes the experience all the better.
Aningan is a substantial undertaking both on the part of the musician and the listener.  At 71 minutes it is a significant investment of time which Josefson fills with a constant flow of permutations of his soft focus drone.  In keeping with the overall concept of the MS label there is a distinctly aquatic feel to the sounds used a perception bolstered by the recurring motif of readily apparent tidal recordings.  Whether or not these form the basis of the more amorphous and processed sounds that make up the majority of the recording is for better ears than mine to decide but their reappearance throughout the recording provides a necessary re-establishing of the music's sense of purpose.
It is a quite beautiful recording assembled with real panache and a sense of purpose but I have to say I never really found myself utterly submerged in it.  Whether that is my currently restless state of mind or something missing from the composition (or both) I cannot say.  It does however create a sumptuous aural backdrop upon which one can work and if you're a follower of either MP or MS then this is almost certainly one for you.

wonderful wooden reasons

VITAL WEEKLY 699|Frans De Waard    
For the first time a project returns to Mystery Sea, following 'Irdlivirisissong' (see Vital Weekly 479), there is now a 'sequel' called 'Aningan'. A single, seventy one minute piece of drone music. Apparently there is still the use of guitar being played through an amount of sound effects and creating a cling-clang sound at times, a metallic undercurrent that is not just deep, but chilly also at times. Things built up to a forty-five minute and then opens up. That built-up is quite long and could have been a bit shorter. In the second half the reverb units are full open to create that ever expansive drone like character. The best part I thought was at the very end when the guitar sounded like a guitar, captured in a drone-like environment with some obligatory sea sounds. Maybe easy, but effective. Like said that third part seemed the best to me. The others were alright, but a bit too long. Some more editing could have been in place and the work would have been stronger I think.
vital weekly

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