MYSTERY SEA 10| Dronæment| [ezoterick soundzcapes]


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- "I recorded the basic tracks for "ezoterick soundzcapes" at the water reservoir Markersbach.
The drone and rustle in the air comes from the engines of the
transformers which constantly produce energy from water.
This place is magic to me. There is a flooded village at the bottom of the
lower basin of the reservoir. Trees and shrubs grow around, it is
beautiful wild, untamed and secret with very few visitors.
What also fascinates me is the combination of nature, technique and energy.
I love to swim there in summer.
I have modified the existing sounds of the transformers so that one can
hear melodies through the drone. And I enriched it with other sounds and
tunes. This made it a personal and original accoustic landscape of my
emotions and thoughts."

- Marcus Obst, September 2003.


German Marcus Obst has been operating for many years in the underground "experimental" scene under various names of which the most known remains his dronæment incarnation...
some of his releases included works for AFE (Andrea Marutti's label), DACHSTUHL (Tarkatak/Lutz Pruditsch's label) & french label LE CRI DE LA HARPE (collaboration with RABBITS'SORROW)...
Marcus is quite a versatile artist who loves to throw a bridge between his visuals & sounds...
As for dronæment's "ethics", they are maybe enclosed into its own name... "drone as ornament", as a vital & mesmerizing motif...

Proceeding from a singular fascination for the interaction between elemental forces, natural phenomena, and all sorts of currents, dronæment's music is also an intuitive transcription of the experience of being rooted in the memory of a specific location...

On "ezoterick soundzcapes", a few drops seem suspended, half-frozen in the open air, forming a trembling pool of evanescent vibrations, a corona of waving particles, a striping motion leading to a calm shelter...
Like waking up on a submerged morning,
a repeated echo pounds out a lunar chant, digging deeper, culminating with each passage along its washed out circles...

"ezoterick soundzcapes" flow like a translucent sea on a wasted shore, pinpointing some dormant energies...


01. moon drone
02. psw1
03. psw2




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