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-"The aim was to create a journey into the unknown depths as synonym for the listeners personal interpretations.
The immersion starts with a light surface world and dives deeper and deeper into more strange regions until we finally are confronted with a collapse of the whole surrounding. this gives way to other yet unknown directions waiting for being discovered"

Sascha Stadlmeier , September 2005


emerge is Sascha Stadlmeier from Augsburg (South-Germany), an ambient experimentalist whose hollow organic drones play around with an holistic notion of resonance & rumble, inhabiting a space within...
After several self-released cd-rs on his own ATTENUATION CIRCUIT imprint, a 7" for DRONE, a 3" cd-r for VERATO, and another 3"cd-r holding a collaborative work with Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf, emerge explores here new unidentified liquid depths, proposing a complete re-reading & readaptation of some Amir Baghiri sounds...

Along the sea spray
run echoing prayers,
an alluvial litany
spreading in shell rooms,
absorbed by stones...
Our hands full of sand
let time go
in a tidal motion
Murmured, aqueous,
Recomposed & singular,
our drift is eternal,
and even with a broken ascent,
all streams trace everything back to a unique origin,
the only beating heart,
a primary focus of vital energy...


01.- 07. immersion
08. deprivation




VITAL WEEKLY 546|Frans De Waard
In the past we noted the work of Emerge, but it was covered in some darkness. Now we learn it's Sascha Stadlmeier from Augsburg, Germany, who has released a 7" on Drone Records and 3"CDR on Verato as well as a couple of unheard releases on his own Attenuation Circuit. Here he arrives on the somewhat prestigious Mystery Sea label, with seven parts of 'Immersion', plus an eighth track, called 'Deprivation'. Like with many Mystery Sea releases, this is also something that moves below sea level. But unlike many others on the label, this is not free-floating deep sea washes, this is more a submarine travel. Water bounces on against the boat, and inside there is metallic rumble of objects falling on the floor, both nearby and far away. Perhaps it has to do that I had a discussion about Werkbund over the weekend, that this comes around today, but 'Immersion' has pretty strong similarities to the oldest Werkbund records: metallic rumble inside the large reverberating spaces. It's hard to say if Emerge works like this, or that it's perhaps a bunch of field recordings, but he manages to create eight wonderful pieces of deep ambient with a strong experimental twist, and that's exactly the way I like them.
vital weekly

AQUARIUS new arrivals #251
We've wanted to list so many releases by mysterious super limited cd-r label Mystery Sea. In the past, they've released cd-r's from all sorts of AQ faves, like Aidan Baker, Ultrasound, Moljebka Pvlse, Troum, mnortham, Paul Bradley and even Coelacanth (our own Jim and his partner Loren Chasse). But as each disc is strictly limited to 100 copies, and each one meticulously designed and hand assembled, we were never able to get enough, and often we were unable to get any at all. Until now. We've finally managed to get enough to list of the latest Mystery Sea release, a gorgeous slab of minimal crawl by the group Emerge, who we first heard on a Drone Records 7" a while back. Which comes as no surprise, as Mystery Sea obviously takes its inspiration from the Drone label, but instead of vinyl, it's cd-r's. The label describes its music as "night-ocean drones" and Emerge's Immersion fits perfectly alongside previous subaquatic slabs of moody meandering abstraction. Every track is a dark dolorous deep listening experience, wide open stretches of murky moonlit shimmer, warm rippling rumbles, muted melodic mumbles, all swirling and whirling in soporific swells, barely visible somnambulant patterns, peppered with abstract rhythms, textural crackle and subtle sonic grit, distant pulses, smeary sonar ping and miles-below-the-surface throb. Some of the most gorgeous drone music we've heard. A dreamlike drift along the ocean floor, an abstract ambience floating weightlessly from your speakers.
Normally we would balk at $17.98 for a cd-r, but wait until you see how gorgeous these are, the artwork is all the image of an oceanic panorama, with the colors tweaked and twisted into some sort of abstract water colored seascape, the booklet, only half as wide as a normal cd booklet, allows half of the disc face to be visible as well. So striking.
LIMITED TO 100 COPIES. Each is numbered on the tray card. Once these are gone, they are gone for good.

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