MYSTERY SEA 16 | Cordell Klier | [Traces]


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- "...alone. Sensuous being, listless breathing.. orgasm captured heart, like
two kittens sleeping.
She was simple. I, confused. ...memory can't shake this ache.
that trap for us to change. UH! I had her here, yet I made her go...?
Kindness. Fortitude, I never aided lawless nature in this spin yet, I knew
I'd mess this up.
Still, my work not lost to lost love. ...but a heart worn-out, soul.
I gave up love for an IDEA? How foolish, how damn foolish."

- Cordell Klier, April 2004


Cordell Klier is an incredibly prolific US sound artist plebisciting musical crossbreeding since almost two decades,
but also manager of his own DOCTSECT label, and sensitive graphic designer...
Making an exhaustive list of his multiple offshoot projects would be far too long, nevertheless one could quote MONSTRARE, OF, VEDISNI & KREPTKREPT among others...
After years of personal development, he is now renowned for his finely chiselled & beautifully edited audio-art pieces...
On "Traces", Cordell draws us into a disembodied relation where something new seems to emerge from scattered fragments, deliquescent presences, evaporated moments...
A fading into a pool of nocturnal ink, a lone sustained swell of quasi static waves...
"Traces" is a story of sublimated remnants... an eclipsed breeze blowing arcane formulae on the surface of obscure waters...
Along the regular erosion, beyond the loss, one feels like listening closely to the rush of some galvanizing flow, the reanimation of intriguing vestiges...
"Traces" scratches mind & soul, raising the veil on deep feelings...


01. bodies moving, that thick green night > unrar + listen !
the crooked ways I fell in love > unrar + listen !
03. ...right ?, I'm still here !




VITAL WEEKLY 441|Frans De Waard
Another busy bee is Cordell Klier, who is besides a musician also running his own Doctsect label. More so than his previous 'Winter' CD (see Vital Weekly 394), he is now really in a winter atmosphere. On the three pieces offered he depicts a dark, very dark world. 'Traces' is probably a very apptly chosen title: this music is like long traces in the snow. Klier plays around with the notion of dark, isolationist ambient music, in the best tradition of say Thomas Köner. Nothing much seems to be happening in this empty world of Klier, but upon closer inspection (simply crank up the volume a little bit) it seems to be very active music - small events, living organism creep away under the snow, trying to find their way out. Not an easy task, because life out here is chilly. Quite an impressive work.
vital weekly

Touching Extremes |Massimo Ricci
Though it looks like there's no apparent end to certain sonic tunnels, Cordell Klier's soundscapes in "Traces" possess a touch of relaxing gloom that finds its perfect definition in long decaying pieces able to bring me to a semiconscious state while listening. Klier's scenarios shift quite slowly; in every section there's a tendency to a total occupation of space so that - while lulled - nevertheless you're not left with scarcity of alteration for both ear and mind. Sounds are well considered and better placed through a pretty "pure" generation often morphing into heavily filtered resonances. This music works well if your concentration is high and - helped by a spectacular October afternoon complete with tolling bells from outside - I can safely say this is more than a dull soundtrack for lost souls, it's rather an absorbing flight through images of unadulterated entities.
touching extremes

CHAIN D.L.K.|Eugenio Maggi
Rated : 3.5 stars out of 5
A prolific and eclectic electronic musician, Cordell Klier now contributes to Mystery Sea's always remarkable night/ocean drones series with this 3-track, 40-minute work. A scary and brooding album to say the least, "Traces" features Klier in a definite dark ambient mood, assembling layers and layers of metallic frequencies and subdued, disquieting noises. Klier's ocean seems to be plagued by unkown monsters and upsetting memories, and he certainly delivers no shelter to rest by. The underlying oppressive force of the work reaches a peak in the third and final track, "...right?, I'm still here!", with an epic climax and possibly a sort of final purge of inner demons.

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