MYSTERY SEA 58 | Terje Paulsen | [Horisont]


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"Listening, staring,
being sensible of
what happens between
You, the observer, and the horizon.
In front of you: the mighty, open sea.
As long as your eyes can see.
As far as your ears can hear.
Inside you : your own inner horizon.
As far as your mind can reach.
It’s your journey..

- Terje Paulsen, March 2009


Norwegian visual & sound artist Terje Paulsen lives in Kristiansand, a port city close to wild nature & fjords...
This immediate environment as well as his own home are Terje's main sources of inspiration...
Despite a serious pedigree in music based on years of practice, he asserted himself into the sphere of experimental music
(acoustic, electroacoustic, electronic) where the use of field recordings, and manipulation of found objects play a great role...
To that he mixes real instruments (bass, acoustic guitar, flute, mouth organ...).
Usually his compositions follow from patient observation of his nearby and daily surroundings, and become sound meditations
stemming from intense impro sessions which are then edited and reassembled...
So far his studies have been generously distributed either via netlabels (Homophoni, TecnoNucleo, Q-Tone, Resting Bell, Rain Music, Con-v...), labels (Q-tone...) self-releases, and appeared also on quite a few compilations (Trente Oiseaux, Mandorla, Ripples, etc...)

This first MS release (a sequel is scheduled) shows a keen sense of reverence for the invisible elemental forces at work in his vicinity, an emphasis on their indelible imprint on our lives... another reading of the Great Mystery...
Bordering this jagged shore
vast rolling plains caress the distance
stones roll, stirring the opaque waters...
We look at the sea, seeing a giant mirror
& seeking for improbable answers...

"Horisont" stretches out before us
like a silent continuation, a place of multiples echoes...
sucking us inexorably in, in an ultimate embrace...

Absorbing vanishing point, imaginary reservoir...
between worlds, "Horisont" enables a slip into the Untold,
a drift propitious to lucidity and transcendence...


01. Horisont




VITAL WEEKLY 715|Frans De Waard 
The new kid on the block Terje Paulsen, from Kristiansand in Norway, proofs to be as active as his country man Sindre Bjerga and Jan-M. Iversen. Following releases on netlabels like Homophoni, TecnoNucleo, Q-tone, Resting Bell, Rain Music, Con-V and some compilation appearances, its now time to move to the next level, that of releasing CDRs. What sets him apart from many of the other artists on Mystery Sea is that he's not just interested in using water field recordings, but he also adds real instruments to the picture. Although I'm not sure what those might be, it seems to include bells, or gongs even, is about the only thing I recognized. Otherwise there are of course the dripping sounds of rain and running water, all set against the wall of sustaining sounds. Maybe they are the real instruments mentioned, but then heavily processed - I am not sure. This one piece work is however a fine work in the crowded fields of sea wave recordings - it has some fine minimal changes and never bounces into boredom. All the right moves at the right time.
vital weekly

Terje has been gifting us all with increasingly beautiful music for a while now and several of these have been praised in these pages. Each of his releases are another step beyond and by now he is far beyond indeed. This one for Belgium's ever wonderful Mystery Sea label sees him weaving a tapestry of tones around an aquatic motif of gurgling field recordings. His tones are in turn restful, quizzical and deeply unsettling as the narrative of his piece slowly unfurls and reveals itself.
It's beautiful. Buy it.

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