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- "The stars have found their home in the sky but mine will forever be in the reflection of your eyes...."

- Seasons (pre-din), November 2008


UK sibylline sound artist Seasons (pre-din) is a self-effacing miracle... when I heard for the first time his debut ("Above the tides fold"), an indescribable thrill took hold of me... the elementality degree of his music, and the density of its distilled emotions seemed just unreal... a total experience, and a most precious encounter for sure...
Thoroughly passionate about his creations, terribly human, Seasons (pre-din) exists in the permanent instant of "giving"...
Most of his lovely & ultra ltd elaborate hand-made releases came out via his own imprint THY-REC ("Above the tides fold", "Har Habayit Be Yadeinu", "The Canopy Falls", "By the banks go through"...)...meticulously assembling the quintessence of crepuscular forest-tinted field recordings with dissolved instrumental passages (dulcimer, singing bowl...), he reaches for a mesmeric & unique potent brew, a constant flowing dronescape opening a multitude of new channels...
What started as a discreet audio-journey for initiates has slowly turned into a small hype, mainly due to high interest shown by the Boomkat mail-order, and the Type label, which both praised copiously Seasons (pre-din)'s galvanic works, and also via some stimulating performances... Recent developments saw his sound getting sparser and more vivid, as it is now centred on piano and guitar infused orchestral loops with environmental sounds still percolating, but more subsidiary...
a festival of sensitivity...

For MS, Seasons (pre-din) remained faithful to his first emotions, outlining a flow of profuse & petrifying droning ramifications...

Closed eyes
Pale glowing firmament
Your voice babbling through the stream
Scattered leaves, cold humus, receding stones
Your smile perched on the shadow of tangled trees
A wind of rupture...
Without a word, walking wild and astray
Looking into your astral veins,
a river within you...

"Your Eyes The Stars and Your Hands The Sea"
cries out an intimate loss, an aborted love
transformed into an harrowing moment of exhilaration...
an improbable symbolist landscape
oozing mysteries of unspeakable beauty
nestling in the ruts of silence,
the folds of a lucid dream...


01. Your Eyes The Stars and Your Hands The Sea  &




A new name to me but one who, judging by the press release, is very highly regarded by the erstwhile Daniel Crokaert, the fella behind the Mystery Sea label.
'Your Eyes...' moves gently between a variety of sonorities from whispered hiss, through forests of metallic shards to arboreal field recordings.  All are beautifully realized and constitute a journey through landscapes of very different sonic possibilities all of which are explored with aplomb although the dips in the recording do pull you out of the moment.
The un-named UK gent behind the Seasons (pre-din) pseudonym has forged a quiet and intense audio sculpture.  Presented as a single continuous piece but with more of the feel of several separate tracks (or movements) it isn't a cohesive as one might have hoped but it is a diverting listen nonetheless.

wonderful wooden reasons

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