MYSTERY SEA 24 | Troum | [Objectlessness]


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-" There is a big gap between “rational”, verbal language and the pre-symbolic language of our emotional and unconscious mind.
Music is perceived partly with our conscious mind, who can analyze it and reflect on it.
On another part, it is perceived by our unconsciousness, by our “primal consciousness” that lies “under” the rational mind.
The idea: Experimental music, especially that of a more droning character, can easier “get in touch” or be unconsciously connected with this primal state of mind. It is music that is linked with unconscious fantasies coming from a pre-verbal sphere of existence... the phase of life based on the dyadic interaction with the “primal object”, the mother.
At this early stage, there’s no awareness existing of being a full separated Subject, and no other full separated Objects can be perceived. Inner and outer reality is the same.
Spheric, droning, dissolving music is pointing unconsciously at this “objectless” sphere of existence.
This release is dedicated to the idea of an especially formed “pre-symbolic” music."

- Stefan Knappe, June 2005


Troum, the german project from Bremen fronted by Baraka[H] (AKA Stefan Knappe) & Glit[S]ch (AKA Martin Gitschel) has already an extended discography & a solid visiting card...
born around 1997 from the split of ambient industrial icon MAEROR TRI, the duo has gone a step further, perfecting their very own audio techniques to stimulate the right side of our brains, and ascend the spiralling roots going back into the depths of our Unconscious...
Instrumentally varied, their pulsing, derealized, incantatory drones envelop us matchless...
Here on "Objectlessness", all situating parameters are blurred, as we enter into a boundless space, a sort of emotional
shel(l)ter, a quasi foetal recess... from there, along a circular breathing & obliterating motion, elements erode themselves inexorably while lighting up the emergence of a second filigree reality...
"Objectlessness" gives a way of learning & understanding through loss...
It braces a murky sea, letting its particles free, like a flow of oniric traces pointing to a larger hidden universe...
"Objectlessness" speaks like a waking dream within the limits of unvoiced, searching for an archaic truth...
it's an invitation to cast our skins, and grasp things from a different angle...


01. (Pre)-symbolism
02. Echoes of a boundless existence




VITAL WEEKLY 487|Frans De Waard
Rumor has it that this release is sold out upon release of it, but with an edition of just 100 copies for this band, that is hardly a surprise. This could have easily been a real CD and sell 500 without a problem. Troum is simply one of the best acts of hypnotic, trance like drone music that is more upfront present than some of their english counterparts. Troum, risen from the ashes of Maeror Tri in 1997, play their music in a relative simple way, with relative easy means. Guitar, accordion, percussive elements and a whole load of sound effects. In an endless stream waves of sound roll ashore, seemingly out of the deep. The waves break and one can wait for the next one to come. The music of Troum is rather loosely structured: they don't care for the right composition, but rather care for the right mood. 'Echoes Of A Boundless Existence' is the somewhat weaker brother of the two here, which towards the end collapses, but '(Pre)-symbolism' is Troum at their very best. Mood music for a rawer kind, still one of the best around.
vital weekly

For those who vaguely recall a couple of nice albums by Maeror Tri but (like yours truly) jumped off the post-Industrial / esoteric wagon years ago to escape the putrefaction of the quasi totality of the genre, Troum is the project Stefan Knappe and Martin Gitschel went on to develop after the demise of the aforementioned group. Designed to "stimulate the unconscious", this music envelops us in a cinematic sequence of electronic nightmares where instruments, voices and all kinds of transformed sounds attempt to excavate burrows full of hesitation and anguish. That said, the first half of the disc, "(Pre)Symbolism", offers little more than a series of dark throbbing exhalations, but the layered memories and deformed stasis of "Echoes of a Boundless Existence", with its Basinski-esque loops and morphing hallucinations raises everything to a far superior level. During the final fade-out, a passing aircraft and distant tolling bells seem to nod their approval outside my window.
paris transatlantic

Softly purring, whirring, barely audible drone smoldering while tainting the edges of its path with iridescence brighter than naked light. Losing itself in the rush of Objectlessness collaged filters whose depths are like forbidden histories open up like a broken dam of dark secrets. And inside its bell curve there is a radiant network of animated vessels tightening the entire course. The prolific German duo (formerly Maeror Tri) who run Drone Records and have collaborated with Ultra Milkmaids, Vance Orchestra, Christian Renou and most recently with Autopoeisis have recorded for such diverse labels as Staalplaat, EE Tapes and Transgredient Records. They present stream of consciousness sounds that fully hydrate the senses, and leave you limp on tracks like “(Pre)Symbolism.” You are in a hot air balloon high above some enchanting Bavarian village, from 100 plus feet you can hear what sounds like a celebration, but your ears are only playing tricks on you. This is adrift on “Echoes of a Boundless Existence.” The atmosphere grows faintly ill at ease, as if a faded film being played in reverse is presented while you are strapped in, watching every moment elapse, but the memories are not yours. The scene devolves into greyer areas until finally fading from sight.

CHAIN D.L.K.|Eugenio Maggi
Rated : 3.5 stars out of 5
This is the first Mystery Sea release selling out already on pre-order: I guess this speakes volumes for the underground cult that the German duo formed by Stefan Knappe (also mastermind of Drone Records) and Martin Gitschel has rightfully gained over the years. "Objectlessness" features two lengthy tracks of Troum's trademark mind-expanding guitar drones - for those familiar with their discography, they lie somewhere between the first and the second part of "Tjukurpa", i.e. their abstract, oceanic ambience and their more melodic side. What is peculiar about "(Pre)-symbolism" and "Echoes of a boundless existence" (respectively 38 and 30 minute long) is that, given their mammoth length and loose structure, they could well portray what the duo can create in an improvised session or live set. Some minor sound defects could have been erased by studio overdubs and re-working, but "Objectlessness" remains a faithful witness of Troum's evocative, mind-bending soundscapes. For those who have missed it, there could probably be some copies still floating around: try Drone or Self Abuse.

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