MYSTERY SEA 56 | N.Strahl.N | [Bewegungen in Blau]


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"Diving in deep blue. Offshore-floating between the feeling of security and unknown depths.
Five times a deeper blue in several degree and from various look-outs"

- Mario Löhr, June 2009


At the helm of N.Strahl.N operates Mario Löhr, kneaded with Germanic inheritance, and with roots in Industrial culture... with such a visiting card, one would probably expect some heavy music with a bleak soul, and not much place for nuances, and one would be wrong... on a substrate of dark tinted frameworks, Mario indeed amalgamates
well chosen fragments of noise, manipulated objects, found sounds & field recordings in an intuitive approach, reaching a mastered & penetrating level of sound design... with numerous appearances on compilations, a plethora of releases on labels such as Tosom, Apocalyptic Radio, Deserted Factory, The Tourette Tapes... (to name but a few), several self releases, collabs (with Metek on Cohort, Mystified...), and managing his own imprint, Licht Und Stahl, Mario handles a large pallet of tones, and illustrates with a certain panache the constant frictions between Nature & Technology...

Veiled sun
In a dusky pool
Rustling of branches
Electrical influxes
Broken road & lonely echoes
A drift back to an hypothetical source
Waters roaring into the night,
Runoff in the background...
Bewegungen in Blau” unfurls itself
in thin quivering layers
seeping through its surroundings,
worming its way into the leftovers & rust scoria,
longing to settle along the most natural movement,
in recognition of dormant mechanics...

A true moment of communion...


01. Bewegungen in Blau (parts I-V) : part III - part IV




VITAL WEEKLY 721|Frans De Waard 
So far we learned that the music by Mario Löhr from Germany, who works as N.Strahl.N was pretty heavy affair. Not exactly true type noise, but all the same pretty firmly based in the industrial music corner. This is no longer the case, although its not entirely mellow right now. Reverb is used to quite an extent, and that's never good for me, but N.Strahl.N creates some music here that is more heavy weight ambient, with metallic sounds rumbling about. Dark ambient for sure. When the reverb is a bit turned down, such as in the fourth part, things open up more, and we hear the sounds as intended. The music is quite alright, but not great. Löhr walks all the known paths of dark ambient without taking a new lead in the matter at hand. Still not a bad release, and great to see him move away from the more strict industrial music.
vital weekly

Nice but cold set of melancholic soundworks from German musician Mario Löhr that has at it's core a distinctly post-industrial heart made entirely from grit and grime.  His music is a pretty relentless affair consisting of abrasive tonalities liberally decorated with deliciously apt field recordings all of which sound like they were sourced in a disused and derelict factory during one almighty downpour. 
The music's inherent bleakness becomes a tad wearing after repeated listens and you can almost feel your body un-tensing and breathing a sigh of relief when the album ends but as to whether such reactions are positive or negative I'll leave for you to decide.
wonderful wooden reasons