MYSTERY SEA 22 | Sostrah Tinnitus | [A Rain Water Stratum On The Sea]


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- "Echoes of buried civilizations in the archaic passages and through the colonnades of dead submerged cities...
an initiatory journey into the purity and deep water symbols.
Amongst forgotten objects and abysmal depths, sedimentations of our memory conceal themselves..."

- Mario Costa, March 2005


Much promising italian sound artist & painter Mario Costa has 2 different projects under his belt...
one under the name Sostrah Tinnitus offering a psychoactive & meditative side with natural drones & deep textures...
the other, under the Tvmulvs Seraphim moniker, being a darker, more hermetic & urban excursion, but equally fascinating...
For Mystery Sea, it's Sostrah Tinnitus who contributed some singular mesmerizing litany...
Previously, Sostrah Tinnitus had a few self released CDRs, a couple of discs on Gianluigi Gasparetti/Oöphoi's UMBRA label ("Favo Di Fiele" & "Nebra") & a pair of others on another italian label called BEYOND PRODUCTIONS ("Les débris de l'été" & "L'odore Del Ramo Spezzato")...
All these works were highly praised by reviewers...
The MS opus "A Rain Water Stratum On The Sea" is a spark,
a cascade of reverberating light on rippling waves,
a telltale mirror...
Along a timeless drip,
mysterious streams irrigate our skin
escorting our submersion within...
"A Rain Water Stratum On The Sea" is a pearly pool of metamorphosis,
the serene dance of elemental forces
blending into a bracing flux,
a crucible of dream concretions,
an organic ballad of reminiscences,
floating signs & providential beacons...
Just bathe, breath the Life in
Pick up the scent of the skimming moss,
and drift away in the slow aqueous vibes...


01. Catherine barometer
02. The Drowned City
03. Emak bakia (rainmirage) > listen !
04. Stop watch (submerged) > listen !
05. Dream with clam-diggers
06. In a flash of lightning. Then a damp gust bringing rain
07. Astrolabe




VITAL WEEKLY 475|Frans De Waard
Musician and painter Mario Costa works under two different aliases, Sostrah Tinnitus and Tvmvlvs Seraphim, but I heard neither of them. As Sostrah Tinnitus he had a couple of releases on the Umbra label and on Beyond Productions, and under this name he now appears on the Mystery Sea label. Unlike many others on Mystery Sea, Sostrah Tinnitus works with shorter tracks, well, relatively shorter tracks. Seven in fifty three minutes, which is more than the usual two or three in the same length. In each of these pieces, Sostrah Tinnitus tries to built up a picture of life under water, but he faces a difficult task: it's not easy to do variations on the same theme and with the same sounds at hand. The synthesizer washes can only be of interest once or twice, but seven times is perhaps a little too much, even despite some percussive rumbling in the back. Still, it's a work that fits Mystery Sea of course pretty well, making a fine addition, not a new chapter.
vital weekly

CHAIN D.L.K.|Eugenio Maggi
Rated : 3.5 stars out of 5
First of all, let me say this is probably my favourite Mystery Sea cover ever... so beautiful it actually influenced my listening experience, as if the tracks threw an azure light around. Sostrah Tinnitus is the solo project of Italian painter and musician Mario Costa, also one half of Tvmvlvs Seraphim, and this is his nth full length work is a few months, following releases on his own label, on Umbra and on Beyond Productions (see archive). ST plays deep ambient drones using both organic and acoustic sounds and synthesizers - not far from Alio Die or some Monos, to give you a clue. The seven tracks presented here are all well done and consistent, but somehow I'm not always drawn in by the music. In some cases ("Catherine barometer", "Dream with clam-diggers") it has the force to stop the ordinary flowing of your thoughts and leave you mesmerized; but sometimes it just becomes (good, very good) background music. I have no quibbles about the overall quality, which is quite high, so it must only be a matter of subjective experience.

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