Dear visitor of ATM-world


On 30/01/18 provider Scarlet decided overnight and without any notification to shutdown his free web space.

This means there only remains 100MB of web space to keep ATM-world online.

Due to this action all images added to ATM-world since 2013 are no longer visible.

ATM-world is available and free for all visitors since 2001. To keep it this way, I'm desperately looking for solutions and/or finances!

Financial contributions on the account BE10 0631 6576 0204 will be very much appreciated.

Thanks for your understanding and your (financial) support.


Kind regards

ATM-world, Danny


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This website is been made possible, thanks to:
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* All my personal contacts, friend collectors and correspondents.
* Several postal services worldwide.
* Several webmasters (see links).
* Everyone, in smaller or bigger parts, who made it possible to realize this website.

Thanks to each one of you!

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