Download RDSDX 4.02a

Ready to use RDSDX?
You can dowload RDSDX and all future updates here. (last update: May 12, 2007).
You can have a look at the RDSDX manual here.

What's new? Update of all European countries thanks to myradiodatabase.
RDS-DX-Display has been added courtesy to Tobias Taufer.
You can download the RDSDX-Display here. (version 1.4)

You can download the RDSDX Convertor 1.3 here (version 1.3).
This convertor can turn your RDSDX logs into a webpage or a CSV file in just a few seconds! The convertor was programmed by Luca Bernardini.

Install RDSDX on your Hard Drive and enjoy.

Important Notice!
If you are updating from RDSDX versions 4.00 or lower you must delete the registry entry of RDSDX under HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> AVA Production before launching the programme. How? Start-->Run then type regedit and the registry editor will open. Now use Control+F to find AVA Production and delete it (Right click
on the AVA Production 'folder' and choose delete). That's all.
Write down all selections from Options-Properties before deletion as the registry information will be lost. Run COM Selection -programme, if you are using COM2 as the RDS-port.
Also copy the supplied programme LogConverter to the same directory where your loggings are located and launch the converter. You needn't do so if your current version is 4.0.
Notice that number of countries in ListFiles has been increased from 170 to 243.
Copy all missing files to the ListFiles -directory. After this you may launch the RDSDX 4.02

Downloading Country Files (lst.txt).
The lastest Country Files can be downloaded from this website. You need to register to have free access.

RDSX3.02 can be downloaded here. The older 3.02 runs smoother on old machines and it uses different registry settings; so both version can be used on the same machine.

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