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Webmaster: Bona 2000-2016 Favorites links Here are some interesting links and that I would like to counsel you.  To stroll in the virtual museums or to go for a walk in a gallery all as much virtual can be a pleasure in itself. Here are the links that me chosen: The museums: Louvre - The biggest museum of the world. To visit always and again.  The Rijksmuseum - The museum of Amsterdam, full of wealths.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Museum of  New York National Gallery of Art -Washington D.C. The personal  web sites of the artists: Web site of Jasco -  The excellent painter watercolorist. Web site of  Liza -artist Tourism, lodging of vacations: The farm of  « Laid Burniat » - an excellent farming lodging, rooms, events. The web sites of the art academies: Academy of  Constantin Meunier - Etterbeek  Academy of  Arts - Woluwe-Saint-Pierre