Oli4's Minimal Homepage

My name is Olivier Van Rompuy,
and I welcome you all to my little homepage...
This page will be filled with all the stuff I waste my time with :
Electronic music
and other nerdy stuff...

My Music

Check this link if you wanna check out some tracks I uploaded on electrobel.be

VST plugins
Some VST plugins I made with Synthedit and a C++ compiler.
Do you miss the dirtyness and warmth of old analog gear that has been
used for just a few years too much? Then this plugin might interest you.
I've used some modules I programmed myself in this synth. The Moogish filter
for example is one of my own modules. Making your own modules for Synthedit
gives your plugins a more unique sound compared with other Synthedit
generations and it's quite easy if you know a little about C.



Sequel to the DirtyMono. This actually is an upgraded version with optional 8-voice Polyphony, soft-distortion, Keyboard->filter, ...
The resonance goes a very little higher than with DirtyMono. It still features my home written filter (and other selfmade modules), so it
sounds just that little bit different from other Synthedit-projects using standard modules.


This is a phat sounding VSTi that sounds similar to some analog 80ies synths.
Naturally it can produce more than just old-skool basses and leads. I also tried
to arm it with a weard Chorus... The GFX have been done by a guy named Ramin Afshar,
who I met on the Dutch Synth Forum. So a lot of thanx to Ramin!



If you want cheesy digital 80ties pop-sounds and weird effects, you could try this VSTi-thingy... It's a basic Phase-Distortion synth with the same weird Chorus/Flange-effect from the olipoly. I have done my best in giving it the ugliest interface ever, so please feel free to spontaniously vomit over your keyboard, but don't hold me responsible for possible damages.

This should be an image


This is just a little demonstration af a most basic additive organ-synth.

This should be an image

SynthEdit Modules
Below are the modules I programmed for synthedit...
They are my first steps into audio-software-development, so please spare my life

My First Filtah
This is my first home-made filter. It has something Moogish (I think).
I hope you like it. If not,... well, whatever...
Mind that the cutoff range goes to 40 and keep the rez below 9!

Experimental Interpolator
Some experiment. I used this in the DirtyMono to make the sound more Analogish.


I used this software to generate the VST plugins... It's really good stuff!
And it's free! You must get it!!!
I hang out a lot at this forum.


I posted some track there.

Oli4 Van Rompuy