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Hi, my name is Guy, I'm born in 1953.
I live in Jodoigne at 40 kms E-S-E from Brussels.
I am retired.
My interest goes to all about datacommunications.


ON4MS (Rigs)


Explanation of my ECHOLINK installation (in french)                =>  
Explanation of my DV-Dongle D-Star installation (in french)       =>  
Explanation of my APRS UI-View32 installation (in french)        =>  
Explanation of my WinLink2000 installation (in french)               =>  
Example of D-SSTV pictures received with EasyPal software      =>  
Raspberry experience (in french)                                                   =>  
A lot of technical documentations (mostly in french)                   =>  




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 Latest update: 02/08/20