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wise traveling in Mali
Aboubacrine Ag Moha


Mali is the largest country in West Africa and the biggest part of it is situated in the Sahara desert. Mali has over 10 million inhabitants and its capital is Bamako. The official language is French. The people of Mali belongs to different ethnic groups like Bambara, Peul, Bozo, Touareg and Dogon. Most of them are muslims except the Dogon, who are animist. But even with the muslim people in Mali the religion of the ancestors is still very important. The islam in Mali is very tolerant.
The most convenient period to travel in Mali is from November till March, the so-called cold season.

To visit Mali you need a visa which you can get at the embassy of Mali in Brussels:
Molièrelaan 487
1050 Elsene
Tel 02 345 74 32

Take care that your international passport is still valid 6 months after you returned back home. You need 2 passport photographs. Vaccination for Yellow Fever is mandatory.

Mali has a rich past with in the first place the kingdoms of the Madinka and the Songhaï. In the 15 th century, Timbuktu was the place to be with its university and its attracting wealth. Later Mali became a French colony. It gained independence in 1960 and embarked since 1989 on a democratic course. Mali is a Sahel country, belonging to the poorest countries in the world. It is strongly decentralized. Since the peace agreements with the Touareg in the late 90's it is a stable and safe country.

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