The Service
This pictures are a bit more yellow than the other on the page, cause of air-erosion, excuse me for that...
1. Steadfastness: Serve always the same way: accuracy and agression are two basics for a good service. Before you serve: hold your concentration, look at the opposite players and search the destination of the ball. Before you throw the ball up: keep the ball on a comfortable distance of the body. Always trust your own capabilities.
2. Throw the ball up with the fingers: Keep in mind that the ball has to be thrown up low and without spin in front of the hitting shoulder.
3. Arm to the back: When you throw the ball up, you make a little step forwards. To give the ball some speed, the hitting arm has to be tensed like a bow.
4. Move the body weight: Place the body weight on the foot most forwards. The hitting shoulder turns with the hand away from the ball.
5. Look at the ball: Fix your pulse with a flat hand, but forearms and shoulder have to be relaxed. This in aim to reach maximum speed.
6. Role the elbow: The evolution of the power is reached by rotating the hip and, via the back, shoulder and elbow straight to the hand.
7. Last acceleration: When the hand approaches the ball (approx. 2x width of the ball), the movement to the ball has to be accelerated suddenly. Maximum of speed = maximum of power.
8a. Arm-movement parallel with the floor: The swing of the arm has to be done parallel with the ground. When contact with the ball happens, the arm is slightly bent. With a stretched arm serving is more difficult, cause you lose power.
8b. Touch the ball in the middle: The best contactpoint with the ball is in the middle of the ball, you hit the ball with the palm of your hand.
9. Hitting direction: 1. the hitting line should be in the same direction where the hand touches the ball and in the same direction of the shoulder. 2. You step forwards in the direction where you want to hit the ball. 3. After contact with the ball, the swing of the arm has to proceed in the direction of the ball.

For lisability, this examples are for a right-handed person. Just switch left with right and vice-versa when you are left-handed.

Click the picture to view the service animated:

Contact with the palm of the hand: The concentration of the server is at a maximum, he looks at the opposite players. The hitting hand is tensed and flat. The ball is hit with the palm of the hand to raise power on the moment of contact. Throw the ball up with the fingers: Keep the ball first and then throw it, both with the fingers. When the ball touches the palm of the hand the chance to give the ball a spin is higher. The fingers are spread when throwing the ball.

The whiplash: The back is tensed by turning the shoulder and elbow to the back. The elbow points the wall behind you and your hip is in the right position to turn forwards. Done this, you can achieve enough power with you body. The hitting hand is in the right position to hit the ball (do not turn your hand to quickly to the back). Palm of the hand to the ceiling: The elbow accelerates the forearm. The tensed and flat hand is pointed to the ceiling. The movement is the same as the last action when serving by tennis.

There are five ways to do a service: the one described above, the floating service, the topspin service, the jumpserve and the underhand service. I am not going to explain the last one, when playing volleyball, the underhand service does not have the effect a good volleyball game should have.

The topspin service: You can execute a topspin serve by following the instructions above but:
- When you throw the ball up, give it a spin by moving your fingers towards your body.
- Spread your fingers when performing such a service.
- You hit the ball on top, giving it a strike with the pulse so the ball gets a spin.
- Keep following the direction of the ball with your arm.

The floating service: When performing a floating service (floater) you can follow the instructions described above but:
- When you throw the ball up, do not let it spin!
- You must touch the ball with a very short hit, on the side just before your face.
- Spread your fingers when performing such a service.
- Do not follow the direction of the ball with your arm after hitting it.
=>The effect is the following: when the ball doesn't spin, the air before it is not able to move around the ball. The air is 'pushing' the ball slightly to a direction, so it can escape. Therefore, the floating service can become very unpredictable.

The jumpserve: Take a look at the 'attack' section for the approach of the jump serve, but instead of just jumping upwards, you can also jump a little forward. You hit the ball the same way as when doing a topspin service.
- When you throw the ball up (high enough so you can jump after it), always be sure it should fall +/- 2m before you (or at least the distance you jump).
- The direction of your hitting shoulder is the direction where the ball goes, keep that in mind!