1 - OBJECT OF THE GAME: Volleyball is played by two teams, on a court divided by a net. The object of the game is to hit the opponent's court and to prevent they do so at yours. Playing the ball under the net is forbidden. A team has three hits before they have to return the ball. The ball is put in the game by a service, hit by the server over the net to the oppenents. The game continues until the ball touch the playing court. Only the serving team can score a point: when the recieving team wins a rally, it may serve to make a point ... When serving again all players must rotate clock-wise.

Volleyball Court 18x9m 2 - THE PLAYING FIELD: The playing court is a rectangle (18m x 9m), surrounded by a zone of minimum 3m on all sides. The space above the playing surface must be at least 7m heigh. The playing court is zoned by its boundary lines, each 5cm wide and drawn inside the playing court. The centre-line devides the whole playing court in two even pieces. You can distinguish two zones in each half of the court: the front zone is limited by the attack-line, drawn 3m back from the centre-line. The back zone is the rest of the court. The service zone is the zone behind the back-line, where you can serve from.
3 - THE NET: The top of the net (in man competition) has to be 2.43m heigh and (in womans competition) 2.24m. At both ends of the net, linear with the side-boundary-lines is placed an antenna who define the zone where the ball must be played over the net. The net is attached to two posts, each at 1m from the side-line. Volleyball Net

4 - TEAMS: A team may consist of max. 12 players, a coach, a trainer, etc... One of the players in the team is captain. On the court, 6 players may play at both halfs, 6 for one team, 6 for the other. The players not in play, sit on their team bench.

5 - POINTS AND SETS: Volleyball is played to 3 winning sets. In a set 15 points have to be made. The team who reaches this as first, wins the set. If the score is 14-14, the teams play further, till a difference of 2 points is made, dough not further than 17-16 (or vice-versa). When both teams won 2 sets (2-2), the third set is played by the rally-point system: when a team takes the service, a point is also counted. Both teams have to change court at 7-8 (or vice-versa) and the 17-16 is no longer used; they play till the 2 points difference is reached!

6 - NEW SYSTEM: From january 1999, national and international competitions are played with the new point system: From now on all sets (max. 5) have to be played with the rally-point system to 25 points. The required difference of 2 points in the last set stays and teams only change court when the set is done (no 7-8 changing anymore). From now on, the ball has to be coloured: blue, yellow and white.
All this changes are made to give volleyball a more spectacular look. Normal competitions will use the changes when the new season starts: on 1 august 1999.