Global Attack
1. First short step: Legs slightly bent, a player waits for the ball. Begin with a short step, right foot first, in the direction of the attack-zone. The body is directioned to the net, the attacker keeps the ball in sight.
2. Second step: The second step, with the left foot, is a bit larger than the first one. The weight of the body is on the left leg to encourage an explosive slide-step to the ball. The arms are ready to be swung backwards.
3. Big third step: The attacker prepares for the jump. You achieve the necessary speed for the jump by a slide-step. The attacker places the heel on the floor to convert forward speed into vertical power. The arms swing to 90 backwards.
4. Knees bent: Swing your arms first down and then forward. The legs are slightly bent, ready to jump. In the direction of the attack-zone, you roll your right foot from the heel to the toes. The left foot is placed on a parallel position with the net.
5. The jump: You jump with both feet together. You swing your right arm backwards. Your body is like an armed bow, ready to be released. Point the left arm to the ball. The right hip is ready for a rotation towards the net.
6. Shoulder backwards: Move your shoulder backwards, the elbow stays in a high position. Your hip turns forwards, ready to begin the arm swing. The left arm is going down, to establish balance.
7. The elbow: Biginning by the hip, over back, shoulder, elbow and wrist, the power moves up. The right hand backwards, palm oh the hand towards the ceiling, the elbow in front, the attacker is ready to launch the hit.
8. Forearm: The right shoulder is kept high, the arm is stretched quick and you hit the ball in front of the right shoulder. Always hit a ball at your highest position. By turning your wrist you can hit the ball away from the approach direction.
9. Wrist: To force an straight attack, you can turn your shoulder in the direction of that zone. Place your right hand on top of the ball. You hit the ball by moving your hand down. You use the wrist-joint for this action. Your arms turn down.
10. Look at the ball: After contact, set the hit-movement further next of your body. When getting down, your legs are stretched. The attacker keeps looking at the ball.
For lisability, this examples are for a right-handed person. Just switch left with right and vice-versa when you are left-handed.

Click the picture to view the attack animated:

Hitting - Detail:
When hitting the ball:
1. The hand is stretched on top of the ball.
2.The ball is hit by the palm of the hand, its basis and the fingers.
3. Fingers are slightly spread to obtain a better 'feeling'.

Shoulder rotation: The shoulders rotates forwards and up in the direction of the ball. The elbow follows this action and stays up. The hand backwards, palm of the hand towards the ceiling.

Stretch the arm: When hitting the ball, the arm is stretched completely. The hand covers the ball.