Our champions

This Great Dane kennel was established in 1968. Since this breed is very dear to us we have striven over the years to produce likeable, social, healthy and famial dogs keeping up with the Breed Standard set forth by the "Fédération Cynologique Internationale". Moreover, non of our dogs suffer from hip dysplasia. We started off by breeding fawn and brindle. For this purpose only those bitches and males who met the regulations drawn up by the Great Dane Club of Belgium and who were EU.D.D.C. selected, were qualified. Naturally, we still observe these guidelines. Some years later we began to breed blue and black emanated from blue. We competed in countless International/CAC/CACIB expositions and our first champion was Yarina de la Commone.

Since 1973 our great danes obtained, generaton next generation, the following titles :

33 years later we still breed great danes diligently, be it to a lesser degree but with more devotion.
Currenty we still participate in national and international expositions.