als je wilt weten hoe die ronde noemt ge er gewoon op staan met je muis

Group 1
--Nice Beaver--Rocky too--
--City Slicker--
Nice Beaver Rocky Too City Slicker


Mission 1 Boulder Dash
Boulder Dash


Group 2
--Twin Shrieks--City of the lost Giblets--
--Get yer rocks off--
Twin Shrieks City of the lost Giblets Get yer Rocks Off



Mission 2 Eye of the Beaver
Eye of the Beaver


Group 3
--Home Sweet Groan--Timber!--
--Stoned Again--
Home Sweet Groan Timber! Stoned Again



Mission 3 Outbreak


Group 4
--Piste Off--Shove thy Neighbour--
--Woody Woodwrecker--
Piste Off Shove thy Neighbour Woody Woodwrecker



Mission 4 Outbreak


Group 5
--Unfair Funfair--Snow Way Out--
--West Side Gory--
Unfair Funfair Snow Way out West Side Gory



Mission 5 In Cold Blood
In Cold Blood


Group 6
--Runway Runaway--Scare Devil--
--Bob Slay--
Runway Runaway Scare Devil Bob Slay



Mission 6 Fair Grind
Fair Grind


Group 7
--Seaman Splatter--Con Rod Air--
--Roll Up, Roll Over...--
Seaman Splatter Con Rod Air Roll Up, Roll Over...



Mission 7 ControlFreak
Control Freak


Group 8
--Sheik, rattle & roll--Going Down--
--Airplane 3--
Sheik, Rattle & Roll Going Down Airplane 3



Mission 8 Hard Core
Hard Core


Group 9
--2 Minute Warning--Dune Buggered--
--Defcon Fused--
2 Minute Warning Dune Buggered Defcon Fused



Oil Be Blowed


Group 10
--Nuclear Arms Race--The Bruise Brothers--
--I want to bereave--
Nuclear Arms Race The bruise Brother (Ook een soort missie) I want to bereave


Mission 10 Carpocalypse Now
Carpocalypse Now