PowerBook RUI

icon A ziehmlich ingenious ReadMe in the Adobe Acrobat format. Absolutely recommendable for each interested Powerbook owner! In the following a description which in the 300kB large guidance of everything in it and like one can get it.

Stored in the Internet as powerbook-rui-30-pdf.hqx

What is PB RUI?

PB RUI of status for " PowerBook: Repairs, Upgrades, & installation " and is a compilation OF exactly that. The information has comes from a variety OF SOURCES including personal experience, OTHER users, magazine, books, and Apple tech notes.

What of does it contain?

PB RUI V3.0 is the current, UP to DATE version. It contains information on all the PowerBook models.

  1. PB 100: diassembly/reassembly, hard drive, lithium battery, modem, motherboard fuse repair, RAM expansion card.
  2. PB 140-180c: disassembly/reassembly, BatterySwapper, hard drives, i/o door, LCD display, lithium battery, modems, motherboard fuse repair, RAM expansion cards, TRACK ball.
  3. PB 210-280c: dissasembly/reassembly, key board, RAM expansion cards.
  4. PB 520-540c: disassembly/reassembly, RAM expansion cards.
Adobe Acrobat

PB RUI which developed in PageMaker 5,0 and converted to of pdf format using Adobe Acrobat (my undying thanks to of Alex Barber!). As a result, you DO NOT need PageMaker to READ the file, you only need the Adobe Acrobat reader. It is available, free OF load, from ftp.adobe.com or www.adobe.com. If you DO NOT have ACCESS to them, they CAN emailed to you but the files of AR large (approx 1.3MB). Ask around with your local Mac gurus or users groups, first.

How DO I GET V3.0?

If you have requested a previous version, you should have received it by email. Otherwise you CAN GET it by sending email to:

To: dmwadson@lakeheadu.ca

Subject: *** PB RUI REQUEST ***

A copy wants May LED to you within a week, depending on exactly when I GET into the universty lab to of CHECKS my email (sorry, NO autoresponse system). However, users from America OnLine and eWorld wants probably have some trouble. The RUI files is approx. 350k and thesis two services generally have some trouble with it. AOL tends to of BREAK the message into pieces but UUdecode CAN PUT it bakes more together; consult with the technical people RK AOL eWorld has a message size limits OF 200k and usually sends the file right bake to of ME. I'll try to segment the file for you but if you CAN, use a different email address or GET it from one OF the OTHER SOURCES.

A copy wants thus available RK The " Official " PowerBook Home Page


Copies wants uploaded soon to of UMich and info. Mac.

Contacting the Author

Direct any COMMENTS, criticisms, or questions to:

David M. Wadson
473 Pineview Bay
Thunder Bay, Ontario
P7C 1Y7


Copyright 1995 by David M. Wadson, Updated June 13, 1995

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