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Modern hardware and software is more user friendly than ever. But not everyone has already acquired the computer skills that are needed to enjoy this new equipment. Even experienced computer users can find themselves in a situation were they want to use a certain function and the function does not perform as expected. In both cases a lot of time can be lost. Computer training learns you how to use your hardware and software better. Your benefit from the training is that you work more efficiently and effectively.

Training technique

You get the best understanding of a subject with a combination of text, graphics, voice and your own action. The courses are given using the following simple but effective technique:

  • a demonstration of a function
  • hands-on execution of an exercise on the function

This ensures that each function is understood and can be performed without help.

Benefit from my:

  • broad knowledge of computer software and hardware
  • willingness to share my knowledge
  • pedagogic skills
  • expertise from study and practical experience.

Training formulas

I offer you two training formulas with excellent price/quality ratio:

  1. On-the-job training
    This is a training intended to solve specific questions. It is intended for a user who already has experience with the software, but who has specific questions or who wants to learn how to do a specific procedure. It is also a good solution to give an introduction to the use of new equipment or software. This formula is for one person and invoiced on a per hour basis.
  2. Half day training
    This is a training that can be given for standard office applications. The training consists of modules of three hours that can be given in the morning, afternoon, evening, or on Saturday. This training formula can also be given to a group of people and includes a telephone help service for the subjects discussed during the course.


How to request training services

To request training service, please call 02 779 48 63 or send an e-mail to


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