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Services: Site survey

A site survey consists of a review of your current operating systems, infrastructure, and conventions. During the site survey, the following elements are assessed:

  • Business organization and geographical requirements.
  • Application requirements (includes inventory of software and hardware).
  • Interoperability (presence of Macintosh, NetWare, UNIX, or Linux-based computers).
  • Network and application standards current and future.
  • User types (roaming, mobile, remote, task-based, knowledge-based, and so on.)
  • Software standards.
  • Hardware standards.
  • Support issues.
  • Naming conventions.
  • Security policy.

The site survey provides necessary information for the design of a new Information Technology environment.


How to request site survey services

To request a site survey, please call 02 779 48 63 or send an e-mail to


Willem Herpels - Tel.: 02 779 48 63 - GSM: 0476 74 53 34 - E-Mail: