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About: Customer references

There's no getting around it, today's IT environment is complex. From the individual components to the company network, technology choices are made daily.

But no single decision carries more weight than the selection of a trusted partner to supply solutions and expertise.

I am proud to have so many successful customers who are leaders in their respective fields and who utilize the most advanced technology.


Customer references


Companies & Independents

Mrs. Catharina Toffanin - de Graaf

Magraf sa (Impression grand format), Mr. Pascal Sparenberg

Mr. Antoon Herpels

GPLus Europe Ltd BVBA (EU Political Strategy, Policy Development and Media Relations), Mr. Michael Tscherny

Mr. Brendan Hawdon

Rudi Swings bvba (Boekhoudkantoor), Mr. Rudi Swings

Mrs. Chris Horton

Eberca bvba (verwarmingen, koel- en airconditioning systemen voor voertuigen), Mr. Klaas Herpels

Mr. Christian Schaus

Stroh Assurances, Mr. Dieter Stroh

Mr. Raymond Schaus

Pascal Brackelaire (Arbres fruitiers), Mr. Pascal Brackelaire

Mr. Harald Hartung

Dr. Alain Krygier (Pédiatrie - Allergie)

Mme. Isabelle Delattre

Nonciature Apostolique en Belgique - Apostolische Nuntiatuur in België

Mr. José-Luis Vega

Nonciature Apostolique auprès des Communautés Européennes - Apostolische Nuntiatuur bij de Europese Gemeenschappen

Mr. Rory Macrae

Sapphire (International Executive Research), Mrs. Christine Horyslawsky

Mr. Aloïs Van de Voorde

24 Heures de Pointe (Desktop publishing service bureau), Mmes. Sylvie et Catherine Gilles

Mrs. Lene Duchene

EuropeanIssuers aisbl-ivzw, Mrs. Susannah Haan

Mr. Kieran Bradley

Music Hall Group (Topmusicals, spektakelevenementen en moderne zalen), Mr. Lieven Genbrugge





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