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Products: Promotions

Please contact me for your personal list of promotions and accessories.

Models, prices and stock can change every day.
I will be glad to provide you with an up to date list with models and prices.

Your personal promotion list:

Your promotion list will be based on certain criteria that we discuss, I.e.:

  • sorted on price
  • selection of certain processors, RAM memory, operating system, ...
  • only show items that are in stock
  • ...

Please note:

  • The price of an item on the promotion price list indicates the necessary budget. It is useful for comparison purposes. In some cases taxes must be added. Here you can find an overview of the taxes.
  • A fee is added for delivery and administration: 25 eur incl. VAT
  • Printer cables are usually not included in the printer box.
  • Prices and availability of promotions change frequently. A promotion list is a snapshot of the situation of a certain time and day. You will always benefit from the latest models and prices at the time your order is entered.


Please contact me for other promotions and for options such as:

  • warranty extension
  • software
  • printer cable
  • installation service
  • supplies

How to request a promotion

To request a promotion, please call 02 779 48 63 or send an e-mail to

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