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Products: Prices

Here you find an overview of the very attractive prices and conditions I can offer you.


Hardware and software is priced at cost + margin + taxes + handling & administration:

  • Cost

    You benefit from large volume prices, as I am a professional reseller and I order your equipment at a whole-sale distributor.


  • Margin

    A minimal margin is added. You benefit from a low overhead structure with direct access to the whole-sale distributor.


  • Taxes

    The taxes on certain products are added separately. This is a legal obligation. See also: taxes


  • Handling & administration

    A fixed price is added to cover handling and administration cost.

    You benefit from a personal delivery (depending on my availability, same day delivery is possible, if the item is in stock)

    Next business day direct shipment from the distributor to your address is available.

Price lists

Price lists are available on request. I will send you the latest prices, valid until the next price change. If a price has changed on the day your order is processed, you will be informed. If the price has decreased, you receive the lower price. If the price has increased, you have the option to cancel your order.

Please contact me for more information.

How to request a price

To request a price, please call 02 779 48 63 or send an e-mail to


Willem Herpels - Tel.: 02 779 48 63 - GSM: 0476 74 53 34 - E-Mail: