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Services: Installation

Professional installation is the basis of maximum effectiveness of your equipment. Have your hardware and software installed for your environment. The manufacturer instructions often only give a standard installation procedure. Even "plug-and-play" equipment often has a number of settings that must be adjusted before the equipment correctly functions in your environment. You avoid loosing time solving installation issues and you will get the full benefit of the equipment.

I am proud to offer you an extremely high success rate installing  hardware and software. When you request my professional installation services, I guarantee that I will successfully install the hardware or software or you do not have to pay for the service.

The cost to install hardware and software is based on an hourly rate or on a fixed fee.

Installation procedure:

  • Contact you before installation to determine actual work to be performed, and to schedule an installation date.
  • Complete a pre-installation site survey upon arrival at your office. Any additional charges will be quoted and approved prior to the start of the job.
  • Install hardware and software according to the manufacturer instructions.
  • Install latest service packs.
  • Test the installation.
  • Remove any packaging from your office.
  • Provide installation report.


How to request professional installation services

To request an installation, please call 02 779 48 63 or send an e-mail to


Willem Herpels - Tel.: 02 779 48 63 - GSM: 0476 74 53 34 - E-Mail: