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Services: Hardware and Software Provisioning

Hardware and software provisioning service helps you to make computing more like a utility, where you don't have to worry about the quality, price and delivery details underlying the hardware and software you receive.

You can use this service to receive hardware (including supplies) and software more easily. Following your standards, I will take care of selecting the most suitable product, finding the best price and ensure delivery without requiring someone of your company to spend time and effort.


Hardware and software is priced at cost + margin + taxes + fee:

  • If you know exactly what you want, you will pay cost price + margin + taxes + handling fee.
  • If you require hardware and software provisioning service, you will pay cost price + taxes + fee for provisioning service.

You benefit from large volume prices, as I am a professional reseller and I order your equipment at a whole-sale distributor. A minimal margin is added, as I have a low overhead cost structure. This represents a significant saving when compared to a typical cost + margin percentage business model with high overhead cost.

You pay the real cost and nothing more!


How to request Hardware and Software Provisioning services

To request Hardware and Software Provisioning service, please call 02 779 48 63 or send an e-mail to


Willem Herpels - Tel.: 02 779 48 63 - GSM: 0476 74 53 34 - E-Mail: