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About Willem Herpels


Business Profile

As an Information Technology Advisor, I focus on small companies and individuals.

Working as an independent, I can provide you with personalised services at a low cost. Your benefit is to have one contact person who knows your situation well, who is motivated for success, and whom you can rely upon as a partner.

As a professional technology reseller, I can provide you with a wide range of hardware, software and supplies from the world's leading manufacturers, at very competitive prices. I have access to customer and technical support, credit facilities,  promotions, and on-time delivery.

I offer you a satisfaction guarantee for all projects.


Career history

Since 1984, I am active full-time providing PC services to business customers. In the early days of PCs, this consisted of the replacement of typewriters by PCs, word processing software and printers. As PC technology grows more mature and is an indispensable mission critical tool, I participate in the introduction of more and more advanced Information Technology for many different small companies and for private individuals. I provide services such as site survey, product and solution advice, project management, contract negotiation, hardware and software installation, training and after-sales.

My training includes a Master of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from the Boston University/Vrije Universiteit Brussel and, on an ongoing basis, manufacturer trainings on technologies and products.

Languages: Flemish, French, English, Italian, German.



To provide you, valued customer, with help for your Information Technology projects. My philosophy is to support your business objectives with IT solutions that are excellent AND cost effective. My ambition is to be your trusted partner for all your IT projects.




Willem Herpels - Tel.: 02 779 48 63 - GSM: 0476 74 53 34 - E-Mail: