"du Bois du Héron"GOLDEN RETRIEVER

OUR HISTORY... (suite...)

Raquel du Bois du Héron is my own last little daughter. I am rather pleased with her, her father is ch. Chevanne of High Endeavour. Her hip score is A just like me, and she is a lovely mother. 

Quelazare du Bois du Héron "Quella", is my own portrait. She was a little slow in weaking up after my ceasarian, and I did everything I could to ranimate her. Christiane, our boss thought it was too late. This is why she has this strange name ! But what a lovely little girl, sorry, dog...hip score : B.

Her friend "Sara", Gillbryan Saraid, arrived from England in 1998. She is bred by Mrs Wicklow.  She is by Gillbryan Twelth Night out of Hallebourne Water Magic at Gillbryan.
She is supposed to be very beautiful...time will tell ! Show-wise she has done very well so far : 2 Championship shows and twice at first place ! Let's hope this doesn't go to her head !

Zoe, Raquel's daughter, stayed home and the "boss" had a crush on her (only normal : we're very much alike !) She was supposed to go to the States, but as she is too golden, her candidate-owner finally left her here. Cool ! There will be a little piece of me left here..., when I will leave !

Shona, a newcomer from across the chanel ! Daughter of Fenwood Octavius and Jamescroft Xsera-Xsera, grand daughter of Paudell Easter Plantagenet (hip score : B) , has become recently (08/2001) mother of 10 magnificent babies.
Of course, the boss fell in love and the family has been increased by one charming girl, Abess (one of the 10, named in the memory of Bess )
She is extremely lovely, but always bites my lips. Those youngsters have less and less respect for the elders !

I have some news : Yelle, aka 'Yogourt' and her little sister Ykea, two Sacha's daughters, who used to live happily with a friend of our 'mistress', came back home, after being abandonned..... Very kind of the 'friend', isn't it ?!
Well, it can happen, but not too often please, we lack space here!

Well, I have to go now; if any new happens, I will inform you.

Before leaving you, I want to tell you a secret : I will end up catching this Heron... (du bois)


 Yours Vicky


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