"du Bois du Héron" GOLDEN RETRIEVER

OUR HISTORY... (suite)

Happy to see you back on my family's website!

Where did I stop?...Oh, yes, I remember...

One day, our owner decided to improve the working ability (or rather absence thereof) of my mother (Emily) and she married her to Kasongo de Loyîval, and on the same occasion "arranged" a meeting between my auntie Bess and Kiamfu de Loyîval.

Bingo!...I showed up on July 17, 1987! My owners were delighted. I was superb and very cheeky. They kept me...

Auntie Bess, also, did very well. On July 26, she gave birth to Linaud du Bois du Héron!

Now, he really succeeded in life: Dual Champion, Belgian Show Champion, International Champion, Luxembourg Ch., Trialer, Belgian Selection Show and Work, 3 times Belgian Winner (89-90-91)... Wow!!

Right, enough nostalgia, let me introduce the rest of us to you:

Arbutus Latimer, "Sacha", Joined us in 1994, a handsome, sweet and cheeky boy, I adopted him immediately. He is by Paudell Easter Plantagenet at Kerrien out of Arbutus Anacortes.

The kind lady who let us have him is Mrs Sue Almey. He did not get very tired in the showring but is a very gifted worker!

Our owner added another boy to the family in 1996, Beeangee Jack of all Trades. As if Sacha was not enough! But we all forgave her quickly for that addition. He was so sweet and still is. Incredibly handsome, sweet character, gentle, yet excellent worker, he even had the delicacy to let Sacha stay the boss. He arrived straight from Birmingham, was born at Mrs Robinson's (like the song "Mrs Robinson"). His father is a certain Ch. Ritzilyn Cockney Robin...don't tell me you've never heard of HIM, his mum's name is Stanroph Spring Breeze at Beeangee.

So much for the boys, now come the girls!


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